Backing up a bit: "there"s such a point as X" means that X exists. "There"s no such thing as X" method that X does not exist.

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There"s together a thing as a zebra, but there is no such point as a unicorn.

As because that "such a point as too...", it"s a way of saying that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. For example, on my fifth birthday i learned that there was such a point as too lot ice cream. Unfortunately, so did the life room carpet. :)

Now, have actually a look in ~ these:

There"s no such thing as as quiet. There"s together a point as also quiet.

Both of this sentences have the comprise assertion that quiet is desirable. However, the very first sentence is speak that pure silence is the speaker"s ideal, and also the 2nd is saying that while a specific level the quiet is desirable, too much quiet isn"t.

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There"s together a thing as too X, is a rhetorical maker - a figure of speech - the highlights something the someone is act by pretending they"ve never heard the X. Generally, it"s a typically positive adjective, turned negative by having too much of it.

For instance:

If you were riding a bike in heavy traffic without a helmet, I could say "there"s together a thing as too brave"

If you to be eating too lot food, I could say "there"s together a point as too full"

If you were on fire, I might say "there"s such a thing as also warm"

In each of this cases, the focus (and key movement) is on too, signalling the this is the news - you can have too lot of a great thing.

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The adjective in "there"s together a point as also " is something i beg your pardon is usually regarded as a positive. The expression "there"s such a point as too " expresses the contention the the positive attribute becomes a negative one when had in excess, or as the English idiom has actually it, "too lot of a great thing". (Compare through the contrary share phrase, "There"s no such thing as being also thin or as rich.")

In the scenarios in i m sorry the expression is provided "out the the blue", the is, there is no preamble or evident context, the comes v the included connotation, "You it seems to be ~ to it is in behaving together if you thought it was an excrwandachamber.orgent thing the you space so very , but I think you"re coming to be insufferable in just how girlfriend are."

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