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Learn around the evidence supporting rwandachamber.org-approval of Comirnaty and rwandachamber.org emergency use authorization of COVID-19 vaccines

September 22, 2021: rwandachamber.org authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine booster dose for details populations. View press release.

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The U.S. Food and Drug administration approved Comirnaty because that the prevention of COVID-19 resulted in by SARS-CoV-2 in individuals 16 year of age and also older. The vaccine has the same formulation as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine that proceeds to be easily accessible under emergency usage authorization (EUA), including for individuals 12 v 15 years of age, for the management of a third dose in specific immunocompromised individuals, and for a solitary booster dose in particular populations.


Three COVID-19 vaccines room authorized because that emergency use. The vaccines are:

Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Janssen (sometimes referred to as Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 Vaccine

Emergency use authorization (EUA) allows these vaccines to be spread in the U.S. Learn more about EUAs because that COVID-19 vaccines native the rwandachamber.org’s facility for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER).

Who authorizes COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use?

The rwandachamber.org is the regulatory authority with oversight that the safety, effectiveness and quality the vaccines the are offered in the U.S., consisting of COVID-19 vaccines. Job scientists and also doctors at the rwandachamber.org identify whether to approve or authorize COVID-19 vaccines after they thoroughly analyze and evaluate the data submitted by the manufacturer concerned safety, effectiveness and also manufacturing quality. 

During a public wellness emergency prefer the current COVID-19 pandemic, the rwandachamber.org may worry an EUA when the agency’s scientific specialists have determined, amongst other things, that the known and also potential benefits of the vaccine outweigh that known and also potential risks. 

For Comirnaty, the firm submitted a Biologics license application (BLA) come rwandachamber.org which constructed on the considerable data and information previously submitted that sustained the EUA. This contained preclinical and clinical data and also information, as well as details the the manufacturing process, vaccine testing results to ensure vaccine quality, and inspections in ~ the sites in ~ which the vaccine is made.

rwandachamber.org employee are likewise fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers and also more. They and their households are directly impacted by the occupational they do.

Why need to I obtain a COVID-19 vaccine?

When you get a COVID-19 vaccine, friend are choosing to protect yourself and make a distinction for her children, parents, grandparents, and also other loved ones. Millions of human being in the U.S. Have currently received a COVID-19 vaccine. Because that a neighborhood to be totally protected, most community members require to gain the vaccine. Acquiring vaccinated to prevent COVID-19 will aid protect friend from COVID-19, and also it may additionally protect the people around you.

How carry out I acquire a COVID-19 vaccine?

Search vaccines.gov, text your ZIP password to 438829, or speak to 1-800-232-0233 to discover COVID-19 vaccine places near girlfriend in the U.S. In part states, information may be limited while inoculation providers and pharmacies space being added. Contact your state health department to find extr vaccination locations in her area.

rwandachamber.org-authorized or authorized COVID-19 vaccines are spread for free by states and local communities. You cannot buy COVID-19 vaccines online. You perform not have to pay any kind of out-of-pocket prices to acquire a COVID-19 vaccine — not before, during, or after her appointment. If who asks you to pay for her vaccine, the is either a cheat or a mistake.

Do COVID-19 vaccines work?

Yes. Every rwandachamber.org-approved and rwandachamber.org-authorized COVID-19 vaccines avoid COVID-19 and also serious health and wellness outcomes the COVID-19 deserve to cause, consisting of hospitalization and also death. The rwandachamber.org thoroughly evaluated and also analyzed safety and also effectiveness data for Comirnaty, the approved COVID-19 vaccine and those vaccines authorized for emergency use. 

In analyzing requests for emergency use authorization for COVID-19 vaccines, the rwandachamber.org identified that the accessible data listed clear proof that the known and potential services outweigh the known and also potential threats of each vaccine. 

In evaluating the data and information included in the BLA because that Comirnaty, the rwandachamber.org figured out that the vaccine is safe and also effective and meets our rigorous standards for approval.

Do COVID-19 vaccines work against variants that the virus that reasons COVID-19?

The easily accessible information says that the approved vaccine and the authorized vaccines protect the American public against COVID-19 brought about by at this time circulating strains the the virus that reasons COVID-19. 

Some variants are much more contagious and spread much more easily indigenous person-to-person 보다 the initial virus that reasons COVID-19. To help slow the spread out of COVID-19, get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is easily accessible to you.

What safety info is available about COVID-19 vaccines?

The rwandachamber.org evaluated data indigenous clinical research studies that contained tens that thousands of world for Comirnaty, the rwandachamber.org-approved COVID-19 vaccine, and also for each of the COVID-19 vaccines authorized because that emergency use. 

Authorized COVID-19 Vaccines

The rwandachamber.org has authorized 3 vaccines for emergency use due to the fact that the data indigenous clinical studies plainly showed the the known and also potential services of the rwandachamber.org-authorized COVID-19 vaccines outweighed the known and also potential risks. 

Approved COVID-19 Vaccine

The data to assistance the decision to grant Comirnaty builds on comprehensive data and information that supported the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA , including information about the vaccine’s safety and also effectiveness. The safety and security of Comirnaty was evaluated in people 16 year of age and older, about 22,000 that whom obtained the vaccine and 22,000 the whom got placebo. More than half of the clinical trial attendees were adhered to for security follow-up for at least four months ~ the second dose. ~ issuance of the EUA, clinical trial participants to be unblinded in a phased manner over a duration of month to sell placebo recipients the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. Overall, in blinded and unblinded follow-up, approximately 12,000 vaccine recipients have actually been adhered to for at least 6 months.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions, including situations of anaphylaxis have actually happened after ~ some world received a COVID-19 vaccine. Anaphylaxis is a severe, life-threatening allergy reaction that happens within seconds or minutes of exposure to an allergen. Therefore remote opportunity of significant allergic reaction or anaphylaxis, health treatment providers might ask girlfriend to remain at the location where you received your COVID-19 vaccine for surveillance for 15 to 30 minutes.

Myocarditis and also Pericarditis adhering to Vaccination with Comirnaty, Moderna and also Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccines

Post-authorization safety surveillance data pertaining come myocarditis (inflammation of the love muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation the the tissue surrounding the heart) demonstrate increased threats of myocarditis and pericarditis, specifically within 7 days adhering to the 2nd dose of the Comirnaty, Moderna, and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines. Because that each of this vaccines, the hazard is higher in males under 40 year of age than in females or older males.

The Prescribing info for Comirnaty and also the reality Sheets for medical care Providers Administering Vaccine (Vaccination Providers) because that the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines incorporate a warning about to the risk of myocarditis and also pericarditis, and also the fact Sheet because that Recipients and Caregivers contains information around myocarditis and pericarditis. The truth Sheets for Recipients and Caregivers note that vaccine recipients must seek medical attention right away if they experience any of the complying with symptoms ~ vaccination:• Chest pain• Shortness of breath• feeling of having a fast-beating, fluttering, or pounding heart

Based on accessible information the the shown reported instances of myocarditis or pericarditis, most impacted individuals were hospitalized and also most responded well to treatment and rest, and also their symptoms went away quickly.

rwandachamber.org and also CDC room monitoring the reports, collecting more information, and also will follow-up to evaluate longer-term outcomes over numerous months.

Guillain Barré Syndrome following Vaccination with Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine

Guillain Barré syndrome (a neurological disorder in which the body immune system damages nerve cells, resulting in muscle weakness and also sometimes paralysis) has arisen in some people who have actually received the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine. In most of these people, symptoms began within 42 days complying with receipt that the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine. The possibility of having this happen is very low. The truth Sheet for medical care Providers Administering Vaccine (Vaccination Providers) includes a warning around the suggested increased risk of Guillain Barré Syndrome (GBS) and also the truth Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers includes information about GBS. The truth Sheet for Recipients and also Caregivers notes that vaccine recipients should seek clinical attention appropriate away if they experience any of the complying with symptoms ~ receiving the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine:• weak or study abroad sensations, especially in the foot or arms, that’s worsening and also spreading to other parts of the body • challenge walking• difficulty with face movements, including speaking, chewing, or swallowing • double vision or inability to relocate eyes• an obstacle with bladder manage or bowel function

Blood coagulation in mix with low Blood Platelets adhering to Vaccination through Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine

As a result of recurring safety monitoring, top top April 13, 2021, the rwandachamber.org and CDC encourage a temporary pause in the usage of Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine, as result of reports the a serious and rare type of blood clot in combination with short blood platelets (blood cell that help your body prevent bleeding). This serious condition is referred to as thrombosis through thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS).

On April 23, 2021, the rwandachamber.org and also CDC lifted the recommended pause on the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine after ~ this thorough safety and security review. The truth Sheet for medical care Providers Administering Vaccine (Vaccination Providers) to incorporate a warning around the danger of blood clots through low blood platelets. The warning note that civilization who occurred blood clots with low blood platelets after receiving the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine, symptom began around 1 come 2 weeks after vaccination. Report of these blood clots through low level of platelets has actually been highest possible in females periods 18 through 49 years. The fact Sheet because that Recipients and Caregivers likewise includes information about blood clots through low blood platelets ~ receiving the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine and notes that vaccine recipients must seek medical attention right away if they experience any kind of of the complying with symptoms ~ receiving the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine:

Shortness that breathChest painLeg swellingPersistent abdominal pain Severe or persistent headaches or blurred visionEasy bruising or tiny blood spots under the skin beyond the site of the injection

These may not be every the possible side impacts of Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine. Serious and unexpected side effects may occur.

Can I see the safety and effectiveness data that assistance the the approval the Comirnaty and also the emergency usage authorization that the COVID-19 vaccines?

The rwandachamber.org is publicly share information around COVID-19 vaccines therefore you have the right to see the evidence for yourself. The rwandachamber.org’s analysis of clinical trial data, including yet not minimal to demography information around the clinical examine volunteers, is easily accessible in the review Basis because that Regulatory activity for Comirnaty and the decision memos that define rwandachamber.org’s basis for authorizing every vaccine for emergency use. In addition, because that the authorized vaccines, one rwandachamber.org Briefing paper for the Vaccines and also Related biological Products Advisory Committee is available, as provided below.

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COVID-19 Vaccinerwandachamber.org Briefing DocumentAdvisory Committee conference Webcastrwandachamber.org Decision MemorandumComirnatyPfizer-BioNTechCOVID-19 VaccineModernaCOVID-19 VaccineJanssen(sometimes calledJohnson & Johnson)COVID-19 Vaccine
Not applicableNot applicableComirnaty (August 23,2021)
Pfizer-BioNTechDecember 10, 2020 Webcast

Pfizer-BioNTech (December 11, 2021)

Pfizer-BioNTech (May 10, 2021)

ModernaDecember 17, 2020 WebcastModerna
JanssenFebruary 26, 2021 WebcastJanssen

Does the rwandachamber.org screen COVID-19 vaccine security after authorization and also approval?

Yes. The rwandachamber.org and also the CDC have numerous systems in place to continually monitor COVID-19 vaccine safety. This systems, referred to as “passive surveillance” and also “active surveillance” systems, promptly detect and also investigate potential safety and security problems. Systems such together the Vaccine Adverse event Reporting mechanism (VAERS) and CDC’s text-based v-safe system, which obtain reports the adverse occasions following vaccination, are examples of passive surveillance systems. The rwandachamber.org‘s best Initiative is an instance of an active surveillance system, i beg your pardon analyzes information emerging in millions of individuals recorded in huge data equipment to investigate any safety signals that are identified by VAERS or v-safe.