Smokey Robinson is a legend singer, songwriter, and record producer who contributions come music have led to his induction into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 2012 and also the rhythm & Blues hall of call in 2016.

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Robinson made a surname for self as part of The Miracles before becoming a music manager at Motown Records.

Smokey Robinson story (Age)

Smokey was born as William Robinson Jr. To Flossie and William Robinson Sr. Top top February 19, 1940, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. His parents are of blended black and French descent.

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Smokey himself has three children; child Berry Robinson, born in 1968, and daughter Tamla Robinson, born in 1969 indigenous his very first marriage to previous Miracles bandmate Claudette Rogers. In 1984, he had actually a son named Trey, that came indigenous an extramarital to work that led to the malfunction of his marital relationship to Rogers.

Smokey Robinson network Worth

Smokey Robinson is claimed to have an estimated net worth of $100 million the he has collected over the more than 50 years he has actually spent in the music business.

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Is that Gay?

It’s no clear even if it is or no Smokey Robinson is in reality gay. The talented musician has always performed through women in public and also has never ever hinted the he has actually loved a male in the past. However, it would certainly not surprise us to hear the Smokey may have been through some guys in the past.

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Is that Dead?

Smokey Robinson is an extremely much alive. However, the singer “You’ve Really gained a host on Me” to be falsely reported to have passed away in 2017 in an accused bizarre lawnmower accident v a rabbit.