Baby provides three! Chris Sullivan and his wife, Rachel Sullivan, have welcomed their very first child together.

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“HE has actually ARRIVED!” the This Is Us star, 40, composed via Instagram top top Thursday, July 30, together a photo of his boy feet. “8lbs the beautiful infant boy.”

The California indigenous gushed around his wife’s strength throughout the delivery, writing, “Witnessing
therealrachelsullivan lug our very first son right into this world, after 20 hrs of labor, was one of the an excellent honors of mine life.”


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Courtesy of chris Sullivan/Instagram

He added: “It was primal and intentional and also I have actually never been an ext in love v this an effective woman. She and baby are resting and recovering well. Anyone is healthy and also exhausted.”

The couple’s bundle of joy arrived ~ above Tuesday, July 28, in ~ 10:02 p.m., People reported on Thursday. His name is be afflicted with Maxwell Sullivan.

Chris’ TV wife, Chrissy Metz, was rapid to congratulate the pair on coming to be parents.

therealrachelsullivan! Congratulations again and also again to all three of you!