I have been getting the BSOD for about a week, and I looked up feasible fixes. I've scanned mine system records with "sfc /scannow" in cmd, updated motorists for mine graphics card and also other things, and also I've also run a virus scan. Deserve to anyone who knows anything about .dmp files and how to read them help? I'm desperate at this point. (Specs contained as a .txt in the zip)



IRQL Not much less or equal means a driver fault.

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FOLLOWUP_IP: igdkmd64+3ee86 fffff80a`0838ee86 84c0 test al,al



SYMBOL_NAME: igdkmd64+3ee86


MODULE_NAME: igdkmd64

IMAGE_NAME: igdkmd64.sys

Your Intel HD graphic is the resource of all 3 dumps.

How brand-new is this HP machine? If it's relatively new, run memtest on it. If any test other than TEST 13 (Hammer test) fails, and it's in ~ warranty, RMA her PC.

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Not within warranty, sadly. I adjusted the gpu come a GTX 1060, and also the PSU come a greater wattage. Execute I need to disable the onboard gpu? If so... How?

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This BSOD error means that a driver attempted to accessibility paged storage at an address that was invalid when it had a increased interrupt request level.

In ELI5 terms:

Your operating system is favor a substantial ship and also onboard this ship you have lots of crew mates. A ton of them because of the sheer dimension of the ship. There is always one captain (The Kernel) and also that captain has subordinates (drivers) under him that supervise the next level under and so soon so on. Together is with any type of chain of command, the is the duty to provide orders and see them complied with in order for the ship to survive. The guidebooks for exactly how to carry out all procedures host all the info (hard drives) yet to assist in the swiftness of maintaining the delivery in check, the essential ones space written ~ above plastic plaques the hang roughly the delivery (Memory/RAM).

Now occasionally urgent points come up and also require things to it is in changed. The captain orders who to go examine the engine room located in room 1001 and also make a change so the the engine doesn't overheat and also cause major problems. Engines are huge and complex but never ever fear because there's a nice plaque the holds every the information in quick and easy steps. All trouble is avoided and also everything is fine and good.

Now overtime as is v all plaques, these plaques at some point lose their luster and also some that the indict fade out and become unreadable come the crew. Normally this doesn't present a difficulty until a crew mate actually needs it. Suppose the same engine trouble arises and also the captain orders the to be checked. Unfortunately the plaque now reads the engine room is now in room 100 rather of 1001 and also the crew girlfriend goes to room 100 and also finds that it doesn't exist. The shrugs and goes around his day. Regrettably the engine overheats and blows up leaving the delivery to sink and all members on board to dice in a terrible watery grave. This is essentially what happened to her computer.

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Before you set sail on to the following port, friend should acquire those plaques (Memory/RAM) checked. The ship has an onboard diagnostics you can run (Windows storage Diagnostics) or you have the right to enlist the assist from someone at the port you're at (Memtest86) come make sure your plaques room in an excellent order and readable and also if not, they will alert girlfriend so you deserve to replace them.