The Bonus events are undergoing in WOW 6.2 PTR indigenous Friday v Monday of every week, and also for Draenor Dungeon, players have a opportunity to get Iron Fleet treasure Chest which consists of 2000 wow gold and a heroic Hellfire Citadel item. Yet to finish this quest, players have to own 8 skills. Draenor Dungeon Event and also rewards

part players have actually completed this quest and gained the endowment chest. Defeating enemies in any level 100 Heroic or Mythic dungeon awards reputation with a Draenor faction. Perfect 2 Mythic-difficulty dungeons rewards iron Fleet endowment Chest which contains a heroic Hellfire Citadel item, and also 2000 WOW cheap gold.

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It is stated that this sweetheart Chest deserve to be acquired by completing ship goals in WOW 6.2 PTR, however the triggering device is unknown.

8 an abilities required for battle Is Fel

It seems this quest dubbed “War Is Fel”, i m sorry is more difficult to address than any other raid quests. Players need to own the complying with 8 an abilities to complete this quest.


The following skills are something distinct of ships, so they can not be changed.

Bombers x2: counters battleship

Armor Piercing Ammo: counter Destroyer

That means, you should send two Carriers and also a galleon ~ above mission.


It have the right to be readjusted freely, yet there are restrictions for various ships. A green/blue ship can take just one equipment, and purple have the right to take two. Besides, wow gear and also armors can be purchase from vendors for 50 resources or from Safewow.

Blast heating system x3: counters Swift

True stole Rudder: counters Evasive

Trained Shark Tank: counters Minelayer

That means, you have to equip through 5, and there space at least two purple ships.

In general, building a delivery is reasonably simple in WOW 6.2 PTR. Anyone can construct a blue ship in one minute by spending 300 resources, and also then upgrade to violet ships with 1.2 million exp. What’s worse, tools can it is in exchanged at your will.

However, ~ above failure, what girlfriend will shed is not simply 2 CD, however all ships girlfriend send out. And the odds the failure are high, therefore prepare enough before attacking. Supervisor cheap wow gold and also wow equipment is on warm sale, and come to Safewow 0 profit Sale come snap up!

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