There space several new tweaks easily accessible on Cydia because that the iPhone sustaining iOS 9 and onwards. Jailbreak apps and also tweaks ~ above Cydia are few of the biggest reasons iOS users pick to jailbreak their iPhones and they offer a wide variety of an individual touch and also customizations that common apps execute not administer on access. Brand-new tweaks enable iPhone individuals to upgrade their apps and also tweaks swiftly as the new evolving versions space released.

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BEST Cydia Tweaks

BreadCrumsAway – breadcrumsaway is a new jailbreak tweak for Cydia ~ above the iphone phone that enables iPhone individuals the capability to eliminate the new “back to app” shortcut obtainable in iOS 9 and also switch to apps to their comfort.

UniversalForce – This tweak included as a cost-free new feature added to Cydia for iOS 9 it permits iPhone users to avail the “peep and pop” 3D touch function on ahead generation iphone phone software’s.

BetterFivecolumnHomeScreen – through the new features that limiting the number of app columns come 4 only, this Cydia tweak enables iPhone users to have actually 5 columns that apps on your phone allowing more apps.

CCSettings – CCSettings is another new, good and free Cydia tweak that allows iPhone users to access new toggle bars in the control facility for example using low strength mode, taking screenshots and various others.

SpotlightBeGone – this details tweak on Cydia allows that new spotlight attribute troubling plenty of iPhone customers to be eliminated from the home screen on your iPhone and will make your iPhone feeling faster and responsive 보다 before.

Shortcuts – the usage of this Cydia tweak lets you include shortcuts to apps that had actually none prior to such as Cydia itself, safe Mode, Reboot and also even the Shut under option.

DockShift – Another new revised feature allows iPhone users to access 12 tradition skins for their docks providing them a clean and also chic look.

FaceDown – This allows your iPhone maker to shut its display screen off automatically if you upper and lower reversal your an equipment around on its display screen and enables keeping far prying eyes all the while keeping privacy.

lux –You gain a an alert late at night and also you reach out for the phone to see, and also suddenly your blinded by the high beam light radiating from the screen, F.Lux is a tweak top top Cydia that lets the color and brightness the the iPhone’s display to adjust and it is adapted to the moment of day and also save not only battery but eyesore.

BlurryLaunch – one more fun yet interesting tweak included to Cydia, which creates a tiny but smooth blurring result on instigating the application Switcher top top the iPhone.

BetterFourByFourFolders – Ever since iPhone users were able to include apps come folders enabling them come download an ext and more, this brand-new tweak featured top top Cydia lets them placed up come 16 apps in one folder and enable them far better filing and organizing an are on their house screens.

Blurry Badges is another feature on Cydia for the present iOS 9 and up software, this one allows iPhone individuals blur your badges and additionally lets them it is in transparent, and assume the color and also scheme the the basic wallpaper. This tweak even enables you to include borders through varying thicknesses and also colors straight from the settings menu for badges.

RevealNC9 – this tweak added on come Cydia allows iPhone users to have the Android format swiping animation an approach in their notification center and enables them to endure that certain Android role from their iPhone.

NudeKeys is another brand-new feature of the Cydia tweaks that lets iPhone users use colorful HUD for their keyboards.

Spin is additionally another custom constructed interface because that the Cydia tweaks ~ above the iphone for your media top top the lock screen.

GuestMode – particularly updated for iOS 9 it enables for a guest account on the lock display that enables you come filter what other human being using her phone have the right to access, visualize and what they perform not have actually permission come see. It is an amazing feature that keeps the customers privacy first.

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Rotary Lock is a funny tweak, which likewise provides intensified security to her phone, because it provides a tradition lock the looks exactly like one old rotating phone and is something exciting and also new.