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Nissan Altima 2007-2012 organization Manual / Engine regulate system VQ35DE / role diagnosis / entry valve time control

System diagram


System summary



*: This signal is sent to the ECM via the CAN communication line



This system hydraulically controls cam phases repeatedly with the addressed operating angle of the intakevalve.

The ECM receives signals such together crankshaft position, camshaft position, engine speed, and also engine coolanttemperature. Then, the ECM sends ON/OFF pulse duty signal to the entry valve timing (IVT) manage solenoidvalve relying on driving status. This renders it possible to regulate the shut/open time of the intakevalve to boost engine speak in low/mid speed variety and calculation in high-speed range.

Component Parts ar


1. Strength valve actuator 1

2. Intake valve timing manage solenoidvalve (bank 1)

3. Power steering push sensor

4. Intake valve timing manage solenoidvalve (bank 2)

5. VIAS manage solenoid valves 1 and also 2

6. Fuel injector (bank 2)

7. Ignition coil (with power transistor)and spark plug (bank 2)

8. Crankshaft position sensor (POS)

9. Engine coolant temperature sensor

10. Camshaft place sensor (PHASE)(bank 2)

11. ECM

12. Refrigerant pressure sensor

13. Battery present sensor

14. PNP switch

15. Condenser-2

16. Fixed air circulation sensor (with intake airtemperature sensor)

17. EVAP company port

18. Camshaft position sensor (PHASE)(bank 1)

19. Electric throttle control actuato

20. Power valve actuator 2

21. EVAP canister purge volume controlsolenoid valve

22. Ignition coil (with power transistor)and spark plug (bank 1)

23. Hit sensor


1. Mas air flow sensor (with intake airtemperature sensor)

2. Waiting cleaner case

3. Engine coolant temperature sensor

4. EVAP canister purge volume controlsolenoid valve

5. Power valve actuator 1

6. VIAS control solenoid valve 1

7. VIAS manage solenoid valve 2

8. Strength valve actuator 2

9. Strength steering push sensor

10. Tie rod (RH)

11. Strength valve actuator 2

12. Camshaft place sensor (PHASE)(bank 1)

13. Camshaft place sensor (PHASE)(bank 2)




1. A/F sensor 1 (bank 1)

2. A/F sensor 1 (bank 2)

3. HO2S2 (bank 1) exploit connector

4. HO2S2 (bank 2) harness connector(CVT models)

5. Prior engine mount

6. HO2S2 (bank 2) exploit connector(M/T models)

7. Crankshaft position sensor (POS)(M/T models)

8. Crankshaft place sensor (POS)(CVT models)



1. Electronic regulated engine mountcontrol solenoid valve

2. EVAP manage system press sensor

3. EVAP canister vent manage valve

4. EVAP canister

5. Injector exploit connector

6. Intake valve timing manage solenoidvalve (bank 1)

7. Intake valve timing regulate solenoidvalve (bank 2)



1. Punch sensor (bank 2)

2. Punch sensor (bank 1)

3. PNP switch (CVT models)

4. PNP move (M/T models)

5. Battery


7. ECM

8. Refrigerant press sensor(shown v front grill removed)

9. Accelerator pedal





1. ASCD brake switch

2. Avoid lamp switch

3. Brake pedal

4. ASCD steering switch

5. ASCD clutch switch (M/T models)

6. Clutch pedal

Component Description


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