Do you require a safe and also affordable location for her pet to remain while she working? Or maybe you’re plan a trip and also need a safe location for your beloved pooch come stay? You want them to be loved and pampered similar to they would certainly be v you — we understand completely.

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As much as you dislike leaving her pet v a stranger, sometimes you don’t have actually much choice. You’re understandably worried and anxious around leaving lock in someone else’s care. We understand questions deserve to haunt you once you need to leave her dog v someone else and you can’t focus on be sure or work until you know they’re safe.

How perform I know my best friend won’t be left alone in a kennel, frightened and also ignored?Can i trust that they’ll gain exercise and also attention?Will they be fed correctly per your feeding schedule?Will who remember to give them their medication according to the veterinarian’s orders?What around in the evening hours? Is who onsite caring for them then? Or are they alone till someone arrives the following morning?

These room all typical questions every responsible pet owner has actually when lock look for a doggie daycare or plank facility — and you deserve to have actually your concerns answered. Your pets deserve an excellent love and also care while you space gone.

We’re one of the ideal doggie daycares in LA and also we desire to assist you do the finest decision for her dog to keep them happy and also healthy. Keep reading to learn exactly how to pick the ideal option for her pet!

Boarding Kennel vs. Vet Clinic: Pros and also Cons

When analyzing your doggie daycare and boarding basic options, girlfriend may consider boarding your pet v your vet if they market this service. In part instances, boarding through your vet might be a far better option if your pet is ailing or has actually a chronic an illness that needs special care.

However, in many cases, if your pet is healthy and doesn’t need special care, they will be happier in a boarding kennel choose ours vs. Confined come the more minimal accommodations her vet might have.

Our establishment offers an progressed air exchange device that keeps your pooch in a fresh, clean, and temperature-controlled environment. As soon as it involves cleaning protocols, we use a cleaning and flushing device that helps create and also maintain the most sanitary conditions possible.

A vet commonly closes your office in the evening and also your pet will certainly be alone overnight until they come back in the morning. Us are open 24/7, therefore we have a night attendant on the basic to make sure your pet are always comfortable and safe and also are never ever alone. Plus, we have around-the-clock access to on-call veterinarians in the event of one emergency.

Boarding Kennel Pros and Cons

Your pet receive more one-on-one attention from staff.Although we have actually a night attendant and also 24/7 accessibility to a veterinarian, you might decide your vet is a far better idea if your pet requires consistent monitoring, distinct care, and medications that need much more supervision.
They obtain lots that time come play and exercise in specialty-designed beat yards.
We space equipped to sell your pet fun activities such as swimming in the pool or playing outside with one attendant.
We can much more easily accommodate lot of pets continuing to be in the very same kennel together.
We’re open 24/7, for this reason you deserve to call and check up on her fur-babies at any time and get picture or video clip updates too.

Vet Clinic Pros and Cons

They have actually all staff and equipment essential to answers to clinical emergencies if her pet has actually a chronic wellness condition. Vets and their staff space too busy handling patients to carry out the same amount the attention and exercise time that a doggie daycare can.
They have actually strict protocols for administering medicines on time and at the exactly dosage amounts.Your pet has minimal accommodations with no accessibility to pools or booked playtime with various other pets.
Potty breaks space short and rushed because technicians have actually less time to care for all your patients and borders.
It’s no as simple to allow multiple pets to remain together because the runs and kennels are normally too small.
Vets don’t have a third shift attendant. They close and also go home, so your pet spends many of the evening alone.
Increased anxiety in pets since they combine visiting the vet with sickness, injuries, shots, etc.
Your pet can possibly catch disease from a dog receiving treatment at the office.

Kennel society LAX all Day Boarding Schedule for Social Dogs


Is her dog a society butterfly the enjoys safety time frolicking and also playing outside with various other pups? then they would be a perfect fit because that our society dog boarding schedule. While boarding, your dog will invest 6 to 7 hours external every day.

Let’s take a look in ~ what a day at our kennel will be choose for her social dog, v their eyes…


I gained fed about 6 am then taken the end for a potty break and also playtime v my friends. I spent all day in the large play yard through all numerous friends, things to rise on, and also pools come swim in. I took a dip as soon as I obtained hot and also then take it a snooze in ~ a shady tree.

When ns woke up, ns went back to running around, playing v my furry friends and two-legged ones. The two-legged ones said me just how cute i am and also that I’m together a great boy. Through dinnertime, i couldn’t wait come eat because I was starving from all the fun I had.


After dinner, I peaceful inside because that a little bit in the air conditioning because it’s warm in LA. I then went exterior again in the night for one more potty break and playtime with an ext two-legged friends.

They don’t get tired of playing v me, and also they laugh once I provide them my ideal smile to display how happy ns am. I likewise love the treats I gain — lock sure space tasty! I miss my parents once I’m not through them, yet everyone is for this reason nice here that the is easier to be away from them, specifically when I obtain bedtime cuddles.

Optional activities For your Social Dog

We additionally offer numerous optional tasks that you can choose from for her beloved pooch.

Funzone (All Day team Play)1-hour group play (Jamboree)Pool time (Splash Time in ours Pool)Evening Potty break (Outdoors)Busy Bone (Peanut Butter & Cookie-Filled Kong)Treat of the Month (Scrumptious Treat)

Kennel society LAX every Day Boarding Schedule because that Non-Social Dogs


Is your dog great with human being — but not so great with various other canines? We market three various private accommodations that’ll keep your pup calm and also happy, as well as a distinct boarding schedule just for them.

Let’s view what a day would be like for your non-social pet, from your perspective…


I gained fed approximately 7:30 am, and then ns took a morning walk with a person friend. I acquired to be outside to to walk around and also play while my room obtained freshened up for me. I acquired to play one-on-one through my two-legged friend, which to be nice.

I love humans, yet I nothing like other dogs so much. I understand they’re here, yet I don’t want to accomplish them. I had the ability to play without feeling scared or stressed. I took pleasure in my time outside, and when I gained tired, ns took a snooze. Go I mention I likewise got a treat for Yappy Hour? Eventually, ns went back inside to rest in the wait conditioning.


In the afternoon, i went the end for one more potty break and also played some more. I sniffed a lot too since there’s always something brand-new to smell when I go outside. It’s constantly an adventure!

Later on, I obtained some dinner approximately 6 pm and then went out for another potty break roughly 8pm. I obtained some cuddles once I went earlier inside. That scary not having my parents v me, but everyone here is so nice, and they make me feeling special.

Optional activities For your Non-Social Dog

We additionally offer numerous optional activities that friend can select from for her beloved pooch.

Pool time (Splash Time in our Pool)Picnic in the Park (Individual Park Time)Wagtime (Personal Attention and also Play)Busy Bone (Peanut Butter & Cookie-Filled Kong)Treat of the Month (Scrumptious Treat)


It is necessary to us that you recognize what you are paying for, with no surprises. That’s why we have actually a transparent pricing policy, and we was standing by the affordability of our rates. Us don’t want you blindsided by the cost of any type of of ours services.

You have the right to preview our pricing below if you have only one pets that requirements to stay, and also you deserve to visit our pricing page for additional dog rates and also see the optional activity add ons you deserve to purchase to boost their stay.

Get Your cost-free Checklist come Prepare her Pet because that a be sure Stay

We started our family-owned company in 1983, to carry out pet owners with a safe and also loving atmosphere to leaving their finest friends when they couldn’t be with them. Our score is to display them the same level that care and also love your valuable pets get from you.

We pride ourselves on offering a high-end boarding and also daycare business that keeps your pet comfortable and also stress-free, similar to if they to be at home. Our 12,000 square foot pets hotel contains communal and private rooms and second 12,000 square feet of outside play room that attributes a swimming pool.

Our basic is situated in LA, and we are no strangers to how hot it it s okay here. That’s why we market a completely air-conditioned indoor area, lots of shade come relax in, and water pools outside where her fur-babies have the right to cool turn off after playing through their dog friends and our attendants. Your comfort and also care is our top priority.

When it comes to your pet’s health and also safety, yes no need to worry. Our safety routine is state-of-the-art, consisting of surveillance cameras and also an advanced air exchange system. We additionally have staff onsite 24/7 come guarantee her pets space taken care of and also watched no matter the time that day.

“The Kennel Club has actually been a Godsend and a lifesaver. I could not have actually my small girl there is no them. She feeling safe and right at residence with Kennel society LAX together though they space family, and that’s due to the fact that that’s exactly how they law her. She no mind coming to visit. In fact, together we ring the corner, she gets an extremely excited. She is always happy to see every one of the employee at the Kennel Club and must speak goodbye to everyone every day prior to she leaves. I recognize the Kennel club loves her, and also I love the Kennel Club, and they take such wonderful treatment of her, whether it’s daycare or boarding. The Kennel society is very recommended by me.” – Arlene Mitchell

When you download our complimentary checklist, you’ll have the ability to pack for her pup’s remain with confidence. Us don’t want you to worry, wonder if girlfriend forgot to load your pup’s unique food or medications. Don’t worry around packing them playthings or blankets as we have those top top the premises.

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Get your cost-free checklist now, and also contact us as soon as you’re prepared to book their stay.