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He"s been waiting roughly for the weekendFiguring which club to sneak inFancy drinks and fifty-dollar covering chargeLately it"s been a big hassleHeineken and brand-new CastleSo make certain he"s fitting in and living largeDisregard the lies that he will certainly tellAnd what he"s most likely like "causeIt"s not tough his charm is gonnaGet him v the nightIf he desires to absent he rocksIf he wants to role he rollsHe can roll with the punchesLong together he feels favor he"s in controlIf he wants to continue to be he staysIf he wants to go he goesHe doesn"t care how he it s okay thereLong as he it s okay somewhere that knows oh noAh na na na na na na na na na na naAh na na na na na na na na na na naSee her heavy make up and also cut t-shirtEvery girl out desires to be herBut lock look the same already why adjustReading the newspaper secretsForgetting the object regretsIf she comes house all alone the nights a bustIt"s a must the swivel in her hipsAnd the look at she givesIt"s every her trust if just in the morningShe knew wherein she lived"Cause If she desires to absent she rocksIf she wants to role she rollsShe can roll with the punchesLong together she feels favor she"s in controlIf she desires to stay she staysIf she desires to walk she goesShe doesn"t treatment how she gets thereLong as she it s okay somewhere she knows oh noAh na na na na na na na na na na naAh na na na na na na na na na na naAnd in a wink they"re top top the brinkFrom drink come drink and also at the barWith cash to blowFrom shot to shot it"s gaining hotAdvance the plot to see how farIt"s gonna goAll depends so ditch the friendsAnd grab a cabAnother opportunity for cheap romanceDoesn"t count reason the room is spinningNothing to shed tonight lock both space winningAnd they loss in love as they autumn in bedThey singIf they want to rock they rockIf they desire to role they rollThey can roll with the punchesLong as they feel like they"re in controlIf they want to remain they stayIf they want to go they goThey don"t treatment how they gain thereLong together they obtain somewhere they know oh boy name na na na na na na na na na na na (till close)