Lee St. John, a member of the National culture of Newspaper Columnists, is a No.1 Amazon ranked feeling author. Look for her on Facebook, Twitter (
LeeStJohnauthor), and also her blog in ~ www.leestjohnauthor.com. Her new release, “SHE’S A KEEPER! Cockamamie Memoirs native a warm Southern Mess” deserve to be uncovered on Amazon.com.

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Lee St. John, a member that the National culture of Newspaper Columnists, is a #1 Amazon ranked humorous author. Look for her on Facebook, Twitter (
LeeStJohnauthor), and also her blog in ~ www.leestjohnauthor.com. Her new release, “SHE’S A KEEPER! Cockamamie Memoirs from a warm Southern Mess” have the right to be discovered on Amazon.com.

Necco’s candy hearts will certainly not be sold in 2019 however according to Fortune Magazine, the firm that took end the rights confirmed they’d return in 2020. Possibly they are trying to find a few good guys to increase the conversation starters. Because that instance:

You’ll DoYou have the right to Die 1stAdore MeRub mine Swollen FeetLet’s speak NeverShhh. Soccer Is On.Wink, WinkLover BoyU Sound prefer UR MotherXPLTIV DLETED

Or probably they are in search of some an innovative women come answer back. Women always have a comeback, you know. 

Too warm (Crank The A.C.)R Those her Toenails?Not TonightR U Listening?Pick up UR SocksU SnoreOh, and also Another ThingGirl PowerBFFYou’ve acquired The 2AM Feeding

Am i right? 

My hubby and I space opposites. And you know what they say: opposites attract. Ns married him due to the fact that he to know math. He is an accountant. I just went as high together Algebra. I never ever took Trig. Ns don’t think I also took a math course in college. And also I necessary someone come balance mine checkbook for me. 

For our first Valentine’s Day, the division was tremendous. Generally a new bride likes girlie objects that devotion – perfume, flowers, candy, showers the affection, etc. An accountant no accustomed come thinking like that. “Let’s it is in practical,” the say. He likewise uses words prefer “disposable income”, “expenses” (whether that fixed, variable, accrued, or operation), “net income”, “spreadsheet”, “return top top investment”, “1031 Tax complimentary Exchange”, and such in every day jargon. And also I do average every day.

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After 35 years of marriage, the accountant has actually softened and also I have become another person. Hubby often tends to let walk of his money a tiny easier. I tend to shop an ext for bargains and deals – or I can even DIY…on the cheap. We have crossed over the divide…in part ways.

Cut flowers for Valentine? Nah. I’ll take it a living tree to ar in my yard or residence to reap over and also over. Chocolates ? Nope. Just learned i am diabetic. Beautiful jewelry? I’d rather have actually my windows washed and let them sparkle. I have come to be the handy one once receiving presents. 

If you room married come an accountant you understand what ns am talk about: 

They might not it is in romantic presents like candle-lit dinners, however you can expect presents that should yield income. You don’t have to worry about the budgets, income, and expenses of her family. They will take treatment of it.They room pretty an excellent at forecasting.They know the prominence of money and won’t overspend and prevent you from wasting it. You will certainly be lucky if her spouse stop you usage a credit transaction card. I have actually one yet we pay it off every month. Not going to provide away hard-earned money in “interest”.They like the ax “cash inflows” or any kind of income generating term and they love come invest. Accountants know just how compound attention works and also have invested at a an extremely early age. You don’t need to hire a human to perform your taxes.They are ethical and abide requirements throughout your career. They nothing break rule in real life, too.They space trustworthy. Without any kind of fear you deserve to tell her secrets. 

So, this is my love keep in mind to you, Hubby. Back I sometimes am yes, really cranky around how tight you room with money, give thanks to you for having actually taken care of me and our family the means you do. 

And I’ll just take several of those liquid hearts this year. Oh, castle don’t do them any longer? Brach’s continues to offer THE. EXACT. SAME. THING.