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Amy indigenous TampaSo like many pop songs it’s catchy and also Jason has a quite voice however basically is cultivating nihilism. Personal this song contradicts my belief system and worldview. I think life has an interpretation and the really purpose that life is come love God our Creator and also love others, as he demonstrated once he concerned walk among us. Therefore many world who face tests, trials and persecutions rotate their back on God and also go head long into into this hedonistic nihilism. The lyrics are deep yet there is more he is not seeing and maybe he will one day.Kavi native Trinidad and TobagoCould quickly be interpreted as a song around living through HIV/AIDS.Andrew native Ottawa, OnMore details:His friend was born ~ above July 4th (hence the lyric). He was driving from san Diego to LA and also every night, there room fireworks indigenous Disneyland i beg your pardon is wherein that lyric come from.The rest of the text come native the fact that his friend thrived this growth from the cancer yet his attitude was more of a "I"ll resolve it" and also Jason to be super impressed with that attitude.(this to be from one interview a number of years ago)I still have to say when I know he play it as part of dream Life of edge McNally, ns think he had the lyrics and just wanted to figure out where they to the right in.Isabelle indigenous Stockholm, SwedenI love this song and also the meaning, that just gives you hope. :)Sky native Boulder, CoI heard the too, Bryan from VAMaryjo indigenous Quito, EcuadorThanks for the meaning, i chosen this song because the very first time i heard it, yet i didnt suppose that meaningBryan indigenous Norfolk, VaI gotta say, ns have constantly thought this tune was around the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the U.S.Eric from Milltown, InMy favorite tape is Sublime, and they"re songs taught me not to worry around things. Well, Brad Nowell passed away and they haven"t exit any new songs since. I first heard this song and also thought that someone to be finnaly to sing my kind of song. I knew this track was around a friend with cancer earlier and also after mine grandma passed away (from PPH) it took on new meaning. So thanks to Mr. A-Z, I"m now reset on not worrying my life away.Simone indigenous Ommen, NetherlandsI"ve loved this track ever since the first time I"ve heard it, and that was about 3 year ago.. Ns don"t lie once I tell girlfriend it"s mine favorite track all time (especially the acoustic version), but I"ve never realised that this song was about cancer! for this reason from now on i listen come it through a whole different feeling. I constantly thought it was about a boy who"s mad in ~ his girlfriend.. I prefer the cancer story and also I wanted you to understand that this song has never been a succes in Holland - ns think that"s a shame.. Ns won"t concern my life away..!Patty indigenous Cape Girardeua, MoOne of my an extremely favorites. His friend had actually skin cancer..that is why the says, "spend the remainder of her nights v the light on" and "shine the irradiate on every one of your friends".Tammy native Hazel Green, AlMy nephew had actually heard this tune 28 times. He began counting due to the fact that it kept coming top top every time the would obtain in his car. Meanwhile my mom had end up being ill and he said us earlier then I understand it is around Janet (my mother). In ~ the time, I just shrugged it off due to the fact that I didn"t even know the tune was about cancer. I am not even sure if the did. Then my mother was diagnosed v cancer and was hidden 28 days later. I dont know if that was precisely 28 days since at the time, that was really emotional and also I can"t remember the specific day she to be diagnosed. Mine nephew claims it was and also I do recognize it has to be really close come 28 job if no exact. That may have actually been a warning. It has actually made me paranoid, my mom wasnt that old. Ns think we must take his advice about not worrying however that is an extremely hard come do.John native Washington, Dcalatriel, you room correct in the song"s meaning. The lyrics "you were born top top the fourth of july" describe the date of birth of the friend to whom jason had written the song.- john meehan, washington dcBridget indigenous Ridgewood, NjI"ve additionally heard the it"s about someone who gained herpes. I prefer the cancer story better, yet if friend think around the lyrics, herpes makes a lot an ext sense.Courtney native Gloucester, VaThanks for the meaning. I had actually requested it a while ago.see more comments
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