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By the moment you obtain this letterI could be doin' betterIt's kinda difficult trying to surviveIn all this stunner weatherEverybody desires my numberEverybody's callin' my nameBut in the middle of every one of thisI can still hear you saySon, to walk upright and straighten your tieYou don't want one of them good jobs to happen you byDon't plot no fool, I'm watching youAnd currently that you're goneIt still feels like you do, ns wishI wish u were hereTo view the things I've doneI great u to be hereYou'd be so proud that your sony wish u to be hereTo celebrate with meI great u were here
Now all of these human being ask me"Is it lonely at the top?"Or do I discover comfortIn every the points I gotWell, this cars store me movin'These planes keep me highA million disagreement homeBut I'm barely gettin' through causeI miss out on our talksOne thing you used to say (used to say)When things obtained hard (Hard ~ above me)Get under on her knees and also prayAnd climate those walks (then those walks)Its simply the simple thingsWe tho do every one of thisBut only in mine dreams, ns wishI great u to be hereTo watch the things I've doneI great u to be hereYou'd be so proud of your soni wish u to be hereTo celebrate v meI wish u were here

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But occasionally I wonder whyWhy can't girlfriend still be here wit me?Wish God would've waited a couple more years for you to seeI'm tryna stay strong, right holdin' onI know I'll view you againBut for right now, rest in peaceAnd as soon as I gain to heavenFirst point they'll say come meTell me have actually you watched Estelle Marie TalleyFind out whereby you are, run into your armsWrap her wings roughly meAnd whisper in my ear, "Well done"Well, fine done, mine son, fine done, fine done, ohI great u were hereTo check out the things I've doneI wish u to be hereYou'd it is in so proud of your sony wish u were hereTo celebrate v meI great u to be here
Jamie Foxx via Songwriter Universe

It’s a heavy, heavy song. We placed it at the end of the album, due to the fact that I want people to bump and grind and also enjoy themselves before they obtain to that song. It is the one that procedures your soul.

Jamie Foxx via national Public Radio

Here’s woman who put, you know, her entirety life into my life. You know, mine grandmother lived with me. That’s exactly how close us were. She was 83. When I was doing “In living Color,” she was living v me. We hung out. And so us were so close and also so chop so that–this pinnacle that we reached, and she’s not there. And I no the male that was right into all the old–somebody’s looking end your–you know. To have actually her happen last year, October 23rd, and just miss every one of these great things visually that she could see, an appropriate song to be “I great You were Here.” It’s one of those because that the ages.