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I walked this particular day wright here Jesus walked,In days of lengthy ago.I wandered dvery own each path He kbrand-new,With reverent step and slow-moving.Those bit lanes, they have not adjusted,A sweet tranquility fills the air.I walked this day wbelow Jesus walked,And felt Him close to me.My pathmeans led with Bethlehem,A memory"s ever before sweet.The little hills of Galilee,That knew His childish feet.The Mount of Ostays, hallowed scenes,That Jesus kbrand-new beforeI witnessed the mighty Jordan row,As in the days of yore.I knelt now where Jesus knelt,Wright here all alone he prayed.The Garden of Gethsemane,My heart felt unafrhelp.I picked my heavy burden up,And via Him at my side,I climbed the Hill of Caldiffer,I climbed the Hill of Caldiffer,I climbed the Hill of Caldiffer,Wright here on the Cross He died!I walked this day where Jesus walked,And felt Him close to me.
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