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Eli indigenous PaI think this track opens numerous people’s hearts.Jeanette Robertson indigenous York PaThank friend this that I have loved for years.i lost my husband a year earlier in July n had actually I"ll sail far from Styx i beg your pardon we offered to jam to discovering he was sailing away to Heaven. Ns am obtaining remarried in 11 days n singing this tune to my new husband. My find is over my ship has concerned shore n I"m throwing the oars away as if my former husband is providing me a blessing. Thank you therefore muchJoel from Columbia, NyHate come sound choose a sap but like so numerous songs that this ilk i can"t aid but cry as soon as I listen it. I am in ~ a emotionally crossroads and this song just makes me check out that I have to tell the one that i love i love she or else i may lose her because that goodCamille native Toronto, OhGeno native Peoria, ns agree v your comments...I come on to read up top top "Roll with the Changes"---one cool anthem about hanging in there---and...nothing! hopefully it"ll gain posted come the website soon.....Jeremy indigenous Adams, MaThis song explains perfectly the situation in between me and a girl I occupational with at college; i wanna song it to she on Talent Night!Jacqueline Hammond indigenous Rochester, NyWhen ns listen to this track "I can"t fight This emotion Anymore". Ns realize I have Feelings for 2 guys Max Brown & Joe Langer and when ns listen come this song it gets to me that i have to tell themCynthia native Scranton, Pai am literally life this song: i"m so in love through my best friend michael, and i understand i want to call him mine true feelings. He has actually a girlfriend yet i don"t care. If anyone has any advice ~ above what i must do allow me know!Paul indigenous Bedfordshire, joined KingdomFor me this song caught exactly my partnership with God together I to be struggling through the principle of ending up being a Christian. Ns had always "kept him in sight" but the ide of a full commitment scared me, ns "ran in circles in my mind" but "felt" (like conscience however not quite the same) that the Christian article of grace was true. I did eventually "throw away the oars" and was "taken to locations that alone I"d never have actually found". Never ever looked earlier & no regrets, the is fairly the adventure yet needs a full commitment to acquire started. Liquid Len indigenous Ottawa, CanadaThis song, like all song Kevin Cronin sings, provides very good use the the letter R and Kevin"s capability to sustain it.Fredrik indigenous Stockholm, SwedenThis is also in the southern Park episode "Ms. Teacher Bangs A Boy"Craterlane from san Jose, Cathe truth is: In this song, a male is fall in love with among his best friend"s girlfriend, for this reason in this song, he admits he have to change.Charles native Bronxville, NyKevin Cronin that REO claimed that he composed it because that a bandmates girlfriend for whom he had actually the hots. (See VH1"s softsational hits) anyway now everytime the song plays his wife tells him that the heat "It"s time to pull this ship into the shore..." is the corniest line ever written. Geno-Frakkin A! i cannot believe that over there are just two songs because that REO!! This is a an excellent band and also there must be many much more entries. What around I Do" Wanna Know? good song and also check out the vid because that this ~ above You pipe - very FUNNY!Geno native Peoria, IlYou"d thing REO to be a two hit wonder because on lock only have actually their 2 biggest and also both room ballads. Roll through the changes is one good rock song, speak the Storm Out, Time for Me to Fly to be the preeminent rest up tune for united state wildboys. Come on now folks, I prospered up on this stuff, this is a good band! I already know the lyrics but they need to be on right here so human being can compose their comments and also memories around them!!Lonney indigenous Buras, LaWhen "Cant hit this emotion anymore" came out, i was at the period when the girls to be a really time consuming component of mine life... So to say the least, this song brings back awesome memories;)...REO was and still is in my publication an icon in power ballads! They room an amazing band. Have actually a good one..:)Gena native Prestonsburg, KyThis song constantly brings up the most poignant storage of mine life. It to be "the" track for me and my husband once we to be dating.....and i love that still to this day!Courtney native Rochester Hills, MiI love this song! it is constantly a storage of as soon as I first heard it as soon as I was tiny back when it an initial came out. It"s always reminded me of the timeAnne from brand-new Orleans, unified StatesYah, ns agree steph. Ns love the song.To paul, ns haven"t heard keep on loving you yet... IS it really nice? surely, might be. REO"s cool ayt!Peepz around... Can"y fight this feeling really rocks!Joe Public indigenous Anytown, AlCheesy yet powerful. The track is about someone who has actually fallen for his woman friend: "What began out together friendship / has grown stronger." that is just mustering the strength to admit it to himself, even, fixing that it"s time to challenge this and make his feelings clear to her, since he can"t hold this ago anymore.

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"And i can"t hit this emotion anymore / I"ve forget what I started fighting for / and if I need to crawl upon the floor / Come crashing v your door / Baby ns can"t fight this emotion anymore."Katerina indigenous Athens - Greecebrings me up good memories...Paul native London, EnglandREO Speedwagon unfortunately were much more successful in the united state than the UK however I love this track and also Keep On loving You.Edward from S"pore, SingaporeWho could forget the scene In the teen Movie "Cant solid wait" as soon as Jen Hew"s personality comes through the former door at the party, and also "Cant hit this Feeling" starts play in the background. That people, was complementing in ~ its best.see much more comments