The mystical power field offers Jedi their strength -- and also has also inspired some standard lines.

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“It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binding the galaxy together.” Obi-Wan Kenobi introduced Luke Skywalker and also most of us to the pressure for the first time in Star Wars: A new Hope. If you’re choose me, you instantly imagined yourself as Force-sensitive and also tried to usage mind tricks on your loved ones. (It’s not exactly what a Jedi would certainly do, however it to be fun.) But, the force isn’t a laughing matter. Many characters, Jedi and otherwise, have actually shared wisdom about the force over the years from The Clone Wars come The pressure Awakens. Right here are six of ours favorite estimates on the subject!


1. “I to be a Jedi. I’m one v the Force, and also the force will guide me.” – Ganodi

When the Padawan Ganodi to be struggling to discover her kyber decision in the caves on Ilum in The Clone Wars, she referred to as upon the force to calm she frustrations. When force users facility themselves and succumb to the direction that the power field, castle can discover what they’re searching for — in this case, it to be literal. This quote reminds me that making use of the force is like trusting your instincts.


2. “For my allied is the Force, and also a an effective ally it is.” – Yoda

Luke had troubles following Yoda’s accuse in The realm Strikes Back. The didn’t fully put his faith in the Force and only saw limitations. Once he didn’t think it was feasible for anyone come lift his X-wing out of the swamps that Dagobah, Yoda schooled him. He showed Luke that having the pressure on her side provides things prefer size and strength inconsequential.


3. “Close your eyes. Feel it. The light…it’s always been there. It will overview you.” – Maz Kanata

Maz admits she’s no Jedi, however the pirate is knowledgeable about the Force. That probably has actually something to perform with the reality that she’s Force-sensitive. She described the force to Rey in The force Awakens and also made the sound like a faithful friend that has constantly been through Rey’s side. I choose to imagine the consistent presence guiding Rey throughout her lonely work on Jakku.


4. “Now I recognize there is something strong than fear — far stronger. The Force.” – Kanan Jarrus

Giving in to fear and anger is all as well easy; it’s one reason why the dark side is such a dangerous temptation for pressure users. However, are afraid is weak contrasted to the Force. Kanan realized this in Star wars Rebels as soon as he combated the grand Inquisitor. The Imperial opponent tried come use fear as a tactic versus Kanan, but once the previous Jedi realized the Force might overcome anything, he was unstoppable.


5. “Don’t underestimate the Force.” – Darth Vader

Those who saw the Jedi defeated during the Clone battles likely have a harder time believing in the effectiveness of the Force, and also I think cool Moff Tarkin remained in that camp by the time A brand-new Hope rolling around. He doubted Darth Vader’s instincts around Obi-Wan still gift alive, and also Vader had actually to point out the value and reach of the pressure to him.


6. “That’s not exactly how the pressure works!” – Han Solo

Han Solo didn’t always buy into the Force and also everything the meant, but that readjusted after his life took a turn with a gig to bring two strangers to Alderaan. Also if he didn’t have a complete grasp ~ above the ins and outs of using the power field, he knew enough to college Finn about how the force didn’t work.

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