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Hey now, is that the dawn or the end?The hrs we talkedYou wished we"d stoppedActing favor it"s nothing at allIn the very first act, your gun ~ above the wallThe kick earlier into yourShoulder is always hard come ignore, hey!Even if I"m on your sideI observed the method you close your eyesEven if I"m on your sideI experienced the method you close her eyesHey now, the slip, the doubt, the itchYou bow so lengthy to live beyondNow you"re walking, humming her songMirror in the bathroom, nails gaining longAw please, call me I"m wrongIn the third act, it"s gotta walk off, hey!Even if I"m on her sideI saw the method you close her eyesEven if I"m on her sideI observed the means you close your eyesEven if I"m on your sideI saw the means you close your eyesEven if I"m on your sideI experienced the method you close your eyes
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