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IntroOh my goodness, Becky, look at at her BibleIt is so hugeShe looks like one of those preacher males girlfriendsBut... Friend know... Who understands those preacher boysThey only talk come her due to the fact that she watch like mom Teresa, ok?I typical her Bible... It"s simply so bigI can"t think it"s so hugeUggh! the gross!Look, she"s simply so... RighteousVerse 1I like big Bibles and also I deserve to not lieYou Christian brother can"t denyThat as soon as a girl walks in v a kjvAnd a publication mark in ProverbsYou gain stokedGot her surname engravedSo you know that girl is savedIt look at like among those large onesWith lot of o" space in the marginsOh baby, i wanna read witchaCause your Bible"s obtained picturesMy minister tried to console meBut that book you gained makes ("M-m-me for this reason holy")Ooh, momma-miaYou to speak you desire koinoniaWell, bless me, bless meAnd teach me around John WesleyI saw her praying while i was djingShe got grace... Pretty faceShe ain"t goin" down to the poor placeI"m tired of heathen guysSayin" they choose pocket-sizeAsk the average Christian to take it a lookShe"s gotta fill much BookSo... Fellas (Yeah), fellas (Yeah)Has her girlfriend obtained the publication (Oh yeah!)Well, read it (Read it!), check out it (Read it!), check out that divine BookBaby gained BookChorus(Niv v a ribbon bookmark)Baby acquired Book(Niv through a ribbon bookmark)Verse 2I like "em leather and boundIt"s 50 poundsI just can"t understandHow it is, some weenieWants the holy bible on cdShe wanna obtain you savedAmen! double up! A-men!I ain"t talkin" about a paraphraseCuz Paul wouldn"t usage those anywaysLike "em real thick and also red-letteredyou can"t uncover nothin" bettersouthpaw"s in loveBibles that large are unheard ofSo I"m sittin" below thinkin" "What if...I discover me a girl that shows midriff? "You can have those bimbosI"ll keep those chick that do devosA word to the Christian sistasI can"t resist yai"ll execute God"s time witchaBut i gotta be straight as soon as I say ns wanna prayTil the rest of dayBaby, got it goin" onLike the wife in Pro-verbs 31We just might get engagedWhen we finish reading this pageCuz it"s worn and also it"s tornAnd I know this girl"s rebornSo ladies (yeah), women (yeah)Do girlfriend wanna save world from Hades (yeah) Then review it... "til the pages fall outEven white preachers gained to shoutBaby got Book(Thompson Chain with big red letters)Baby acquired BookYeah babyWhen it concerns a good bookStephen King"s resume simply can"t compare39 + 27 = 66 booksAnd if you"re Catholic... There"s also moreSo her girlfriend estimates Bill HybelsBut walk she got a huge Bible?Cuz that tiny things she"s obtained won"t start a revivalMy bible study don"t want none, unless you got Book, Hon... You can read Clancy or GrishamBut you re welcome don"t loose this BookSome brothers wanna pat that hard hard roleAnd phone call you the Book"s also oldSo they toss it and also burn itAnd i pull up quick to just learn itSo your girl likes paperback? Well i ain"t down through thatCuz mine girlfriend"s warm her Bible"s rockin"And she"s got an excellent doctrineTo the atheist chicks who shot to thisYou ain"t it miss PrissGive me a Christian, I"m insistin"And I"ll greet her through some divine kissin"Some pervert tried to chase however he didn"t do it past first baseShe"s rapid to withstand temptationAnd she loves a new translationSo ladies that were lost and foundIf you desire the triple-six thrown downDial 1-800-reads-a-lotAnd teach me about those PsalmsBaby obtained Book(Niv through a ribbon bookmark)Baby acquired Book(Thompson Chain with large red letters)Bible university knowledge yet she still got book (4 Xs)