Aw below it goes! Kel Mitchell (right) might have offered one the the best Reddit AMAs ever (Picture: Nickelodeon)

Kel Mitchell of Kenan and also Kel fame gave fans a glorious little of insight into one of the show’s most famed scenes.

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90s kids prepared to go weak in ~ the knees with nostalgia.

You remember that absolutely brilliant ‘I to reduce the screw in the tuna’ moment from Kenan and Kel episode The Tainting of the Screw, right?

Well, during an AMA session on Reddit (and you should totally read the totality thing because it’s great), the gibbs revealed that ‘a lot’ the his antics in the scene were completely unscripted.

He said: ‘hat’s one of my favourite episodes…a LOT was improvised.

‘The writers, that rwandachamber.orgurse, the exceptional Dan Schneider and Keith & Kevin, castle would simply let united state go, favor I think Brian directed the episode, and also I psychic every episode they would enable us – as soon as we walk it just how it was written, us rwandachamber.orguld improvise and do the our own way.

‘And every one of us would get connected – the producers, the writers, and also us – and also I remember for that certain episode, every take i did was crazier 보다 the last.

‘And the one they used was the last ONE. Whereby it was choose ALL stunner parts, whereby I dropped under the judge, haha, it was fun.

‘They wanted me to take it it increase a notch, even more. And also it was so fun.’

Mitchell likewise said the he still keeps in touch through his Kenan Thompson.

Kel, who is right now a stand-up rwandachamber.orgmedian, said: ‘ i mean, the friendship there is no stopped. We haven’t seen each various other in a lengthy time, it’s simply been awhile.


FYI, Kel go love orange soda – however not as much as he offered to (Picture: Getty Images)

‘I’m happy because that him v SNL and everything, yes no beef. I simply think the everybody saw us together so much, and now that we’re doing our very own thing, they desire to create some beef, but there’s really no that.’

So. Beautiful.

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He likewise revealed that he’s rwandachamber.orgming back to Nickelodeon in the near future with a brand brand-new project.

It’s a Kenan and Kel rwandachamber.orgmeback, right? RIGHT?!

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