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Wanda indigenous PhillyThis is my all time favorite song.. I"m 50 now & it still offers me goosebumps.. No to point out he"s Sexy AF singing itMark this is mine favorite tune i one 13 and i have been lising come it ever because my dad passed away when i was sevenSean Hines indigenous California It"s obviously around heroin. Not only does the song describe an opiate high and "comedown" in the lyrics, yet it also says "shoot up" number of times in the bridge. Ns don"t care what bush said around the song. Not to mention the toon just has that "feel" come it. That is feasible it has actually a twin meaning, perhaps comparing smack come love, however the song is undoubtedly about shooting increase smack and also not wanting to come under from it. Ns can completely relate come the component where he says "took me so long to find out what need"; it"s the feeling as soon as you very first try opioids and realize that"s specifically the drug you were looking for. All the emotional pains is simply irrelevant, spanned my overwhelming tide of euphoria. Oh the nostalgia, brings ago the memories....Zero indigenous The Abyss, NjThis track reminds me the Bipolar disorder. (aka manic depression) when you"re manic you never ever want come come back down native that natural high however you have to sometime, if you try to struggle it, you"ll just cause yourself anxiety.Tarah indigenous Trinity, NcThis track is in the movie are afraid starring note wahlberg and Reese witherspoonCandace from lengthy Beach, CaI agree through everyone who believes ppl should simply go by their own interpretation the the song. I fell in love this year. And also Comedown was the very first song of mine love story. This track meant Cloud 9 to me everytime ns listened come it. I"m no much longer with the human I"m in love with, yet he"s really much personal of mine life still, and also I"m still really much in love v him. "I don"t wanna come back down indigenous this cloud, it"s take away me every this time to discover out what i needed." Best component of the song. No matter what happens, Jesse has constantly made me feel like I to be on Cloud 9, and also I never wanna comedown.Brandon indigenous Bainbridge, NyAbsolutely about getting high. This song is specifically easy to recognize when her high yourself. Yes sir a strong sense of happiness when your high, and also the comedown is an expression supplied for speak comming ago to the reality of everything situation. And in this situation, he didnt wanna.Truly a happy/sad song. And one of mine favorites.Haeley Hundley from Cincinnati, Ohomg this is mine favorite tune i have actually liked it due to the fact that my dad provided to play it and also sing it come me when i to be a tiny kid. Im only 15 and this song just speaks come me and moves me in means you might never imagine. This is my layout song. Im not also lying or anything. This tune is truely ispiring. Shrub is the best!Jon native Enumclaw , WaOne of my all time faverate songs. It"s very soothing come me.Kayla indigenous Oklahoma City, OkAwesome freaking song... One of my favorites. Probably the finest Bush song, return "Glycerine" and also "Mouth" room really good, too.Ashley indigenous Sandy, OrIt is totally around doing heroin. Nearly every line he sings in that song is explicate syptoms of being high ~ above heroin.Phoebe indigenous Belchertown, MaThis song constantly makes me think of sex, for factors of which ns am virtually unsure.Hayley native Melbourne, AustraliaIt was shown by Gavin Rossdale and also other tape member the its actually around falling inlove with obtaining HIGH! the is their own interpritation! yet when will certainly you guys discover that with most emotional music and metophorical writing must be interprated to your own experience... That doesnt matter what the writer is talking around as lengthy as it helps you with your very own issues, girlfriend shouldnt take a bands definition of their own song together gospelHayley from Melbourne, AustraliaIt was shown by Gavin Rossdale and also other band member that its actually about falling inlove with acquiring HIGH! the is their very own interpritation! however when will certainly you guys discover that with many emotional music and also metophorical writing have to be interprated to your own experience... That doesnt matter what the writer is talking about as long as it helps you v your own issues, girlfriend shouldnt take it a bands definition of their own song together gospelKane indigenous Wytheville, VaI STILL dont WANNA COME under FROM that F###IN CLOUDTHAT song PUTS mine MIND come EASEArron indigenous Lafayette, InI love this track it is by far the best ever writen along with Everlong by the foo fighters however I believed this track was about something an excellent his g/f must have actually been wonderfull yet now hes with Gwen Stuffainy cant obtain any better than that... Awesome task describing the sex in the song, come Paul whom thinks this song is about finding yourself and also knowing who you are???do you also listen come the song??? and also nick the tune isn"t all around the course perform YOU hear TO THE VERSE? that IS ~ above CLOUD 9 because that CRYING the end LOUD CLOUD 9 means YOUR and also hate, cut me right ago down to size, climate he claims SLEEP good DAY, when I have sex ns sleep like a baby i love that partGeorge from Jackson, NjHEY everyone, the really lyrics are shoot up, shoot up, shoot up her high, im sorry but duhMalysah from Champaign, Ileven despite this song is supposedly around his ex-girlfriend, it deserve to still have actually different meanings to different civilization (lol well obviously, however anyways...). To me this tune is around COCAINE. :/Terry native Houston, TxTo Nick In Paramus....The text you space refering come say, "cheer up, Cheer up, Cheer up, Don"t Cry". Although, being a recovering addict, I see alot of text in this tune that can be interpreted as lyrics around being addicted and not wanting to crash. Nate from Aurora, Ilgood, ns wish they were still togetherEric native Grande Prairie, Alberta, CanadaI feel that this tune is around being a partnership that you understand is failing, however you don"t want to no be in love. You kind of silly yourself right into thinking things aren"t as negative as lock seem, even though component of you knows the truth.Anessa native Bremerton, WaI actually have actually put alot the thought into what ns think this song means. Ns think the it is about the finish of a relationship. "I don"t desire to come earlier down indigenous this cloud" I interpret as like cloud 9; something that feels therefore good. "it"s take away me all this time to discover out what ns need" to me is prefer finding yourself through a relationship, only to "come down" into a depression and not knowing what to execute next. Simply my 2 cents!Nick native Paramus, NjI constantly thought that was around getting high. "I don"t wanna comedown" and also what the sings throughout the solo "shoot up, shooting up, shoot up, you"re high" at least that"s what i heard that said.Paul indigenous Toledo, OhTo me the is about finding yourself, and also knowing that you are.

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That expresses joy not often found in bush songs.Rebekah indigenous Prince George, VaTo me its around not wanting to leave something it took you so tough to find... Your so happy one if you leaving its going to be screwed up.see more comments