Obama Doesn’t care 2 Obama (and many liberals) nothing care around you or what make America great. First blog 2008-2020 cancelled through mods.
♦ Kinzinger is being tested in Illinois by Catalina Lauf < Website Here>♦ Meijer is being..." width="857" height="487">
10 RINO DecepitCONs should go down.

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Their opponents need her support.

♦Valdao is being challenged in California by kris Mathys < Website here >

♦ Kinzinger is being tested in Illinois through Catalina Lauf < Website Here>

♦ Meijer is being challenged in Michigan by Tom Norton < Website Here>

♦ Upton is being challenged in Michigan by Steve Carra < Website Here>

♦ Cheney is being challenged in Wyoming by three opponents:

♦ man Katko (NY-24) is currently uncontested < Need major Candidate>

♦ Gonzalez is being challenged in Ohio by Max fearbut < Website below > endorsed by president Trump, and additionally challenged through Jonah Schulz

♦ Tom Rice is being challenged in south Carolina by Ken Richardson < Website below >

♦ Herrera-Beutler is being challenged in Washington State by Joe Kent < Website below >

♦ Newhouse is being challenged in Washington State by Loren Culp < Website below >

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Another new low: much more feel Biden has bungled top top the coronavirus

Just days prior to President Joe Biden sets to announce a new COVID-19 plan, he has actually lost the public’s confidence the he can interact a method out of the mess.
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Question: Why


The only way to defeat the democrats is to call ThemWhat They room – DEMOCRATS are COMMUNISTS.

Once the Americanpeople find out the fact – DEMOCRATS are COMMUNISTS, it might DESTROY theparty forever.

Agenda: grind AmericaDown

The Fact-Based documentary detailing a COMMUNIST AGENDA forthe critical 70 years to corruption American Institutions, sabotage America and also itsvalues from within.

The key strategy is come Divide and Conquer – to turnAmericans against each other.

Freeto clock on YouTube:


After watching the documentary, at least you know why the DEMOCRATS Are COMMUNISTS.

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Meanwhile in Communist Australia

Thursday, nine September 2021



HOLY FUCKING SHIT. This shows exactly how fucking far they are willing to go to make you follow their Marxist ways. And look what happens when the politics leaders know you have no method to fight back, aka lock fucking idiots in Australia offered up your firearms. America, wake the fuck up and see what they are planning to lug into being here.




Yep and we’re heading that means like a freight train together well.

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Scandal Behind the FDA Fake Approval that Pfizer Jab by F. William Engdahl


The US federal government regulator because that drugs, the Food and also Drug Administration, has actually just announced that it has actually voted complete approval because that the mRNA genetic vaccine that Pfizer and also BioNTech, or did they? This supposed brand-new status is being offered by the Biden management and many states and companies come impose causing obligation vaccinations. The notoriously conflicted Biden covid adviser, Tony Fauci that the NIAID, using that ruling, is call for nationwide mandatory inoculation for the country. What is no being revealed is the cesspool that corruption and also conflicts of interest in between the FDA and also the major drug companies, consisting of Pfizer, that stand behind the rushed approval. And also it’s not full approval for Pfizer’s jab, only for BioNTech’s legally various vaccine. .

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“…final rubber stamp of approval”?

On august 23 as the FDA announced complete approval because that the Pfizer mRNA gene-edited substance. Or no quite, when the full papers of FDA room studied. Fauci, whose NIAID has financial interest in the vaccine, referred to the FDA decision together the “final stamp of approval.” that is yet anything however final or one impartial, scientific rigorous medical evaluation. Fairly it is a politically-motivated decision by an FDA the is corrupt past the imagination of many people.

Backtracking ~ above its statement in 2020 the it would organize normal FDA advisory committee hearings v independent professionals to talk about the Pfizer applications for full approval, now the FDA called the British medical Journal the they did not think a meeting was vital ahead that granting full approval that what is the most controversial vaccine in modern history. The BMJ quotes Kim Witczak, a drug security advocate who serves together a customer representative on the FDA’s Psychopharmacologic medicine Advisory Committee, “These windy meetings are imperative in structure trust and confidence especially when the vaccines concerned market in ~ lightning rate under emergency usage authorization.”