31 intr; often foll by: from to diminish or detract the actor"s bad performance took from the effect of the play  

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33 intr to have or create the to plan effect; succeed her inoculation took, the adhesive is taking well  
44 to lug or supply to a state, position, etc. his capacity took him come the forefront in his field  
46 to ascertain or determine by measuring, computing, etc. to take a pulse, take it a reading from a dial  
70 ♦take 5 (or ten) Informal  (chiefly U.S. And Canadian) to take a rest of five (or ten) minutes 
76 ♦take (something) ~ above oneself 
to i think the best to perform or responsibility for (something)   n 
82  (Printing) a part of an article, story, etc., given to a compositor or key-board operator for setup in type 
84 Informal  (chiefly U.S.) a variation or interpretation Cronenberg"s harsh take on the sci-fi story   (See also)  → take aback  → take after  → take against  → take apart  → take away  → take back  → take down  → take for  → take in  → take off  → take on  → take out  → take over  → take to  → take up   (Old English tacan, native Old norseman taka; pertained to Gothic tekan come touch) ♦ takable, takeable  adj 
4 preparing and also selling food for consumption away from the premises a takeaway Indian restaurant    n 
♦ takeaway  (Brit., Austral., and also N.Z.) 
6 a enjoy the meal bought at together a shop or restaurant we"ll have actually a Chinese takeaway this evening to conserve cooking   (Scot. Indigenous (for senses 3--6)) carry-out  (U.S. And also Canadian word (for senses 3--6)) takeout 
3 to reduced or reduce in power, arrogance, etc. (esp. In the expression to take under a peg)   adj ♦ take-down 
take for   vb tr, prep Informal to consider or suppose to be, esp. Mistakenly the fake coins were taken for genuine, who do you take me for?  
take-home pay 
  n the remainder the one"s pay after all revenue tax and other compulsory deductions have actually been made 
8 the phase of a country"s economic breakthrough when rapid and sustained economic growth is first achieved 
4  (Bridge) to bid a various suit indigenous (one"s partner) in order to rescue him from a an overwhelming contract 
9 ♦take someone the end of himself 
Informal to make someone forget his anxieties, problems, etc.   adj ♦ takeout 
10  (Bridge) of or designating a conventional informatory bid, asking one"s companion to bid an additional suit   adj   n 
2  (Austral. And N.Z.) to occupy and also break in (uncultivated land) he take it up some thousands of acres in the earlier country  
15 modifier denoting the component of a system on i m sorry film, tape, or cable is wound up a take-up spool on a ice cream recorder  

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