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"I Can"t Even"is an web slang expression provided to suggest that the speak is in a state the speechlessness, either together a result of emotion overjoyed or exasperated, depending upon the context in which that is said. As result of its incomplete sentence structure, the adverb "even" in the expression have the right to be taken as a substitute verb because that "manage." on Tumblr, the phrase is regularly used to subtitle reaction photos in i m sorry the subject collapses in disappointed or bewilderment.

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The earliest well-known use of the incomplete expression "I can"t" was submitted to urban Dictionary<1> through user JJFADS on January 7th, 2005, defining it together an expression supplied to suggest a "breaking point."



As early as April 2007, the ax "even" was supplied to convey a feeling of speechlessness with the expression "What is this? i don"t even". On July 3rd, 2010, urban Dictionary<2> user tooyoung submitted an entry because that "I can"t even," explicate it together an expression offered by civilization on Tumblr. On august 10th, Tumblr<4> user blaketh posted a pie graph titled "What ns Can"t," shown to be comprised entirely the the change "even" (shown below). Within four years, the write-up gained over 1,100 notes.


On October 9th, 2013, the Tumblr blog TheBunionPaper<8> released a satirical news post titled "Rich Girl in Dining room Can"t Even," accumulating upwards that 1,900 notes in seven months. On November 20th, the feminist society blog The Toast<6> released an article about Internet linguistics, which explained the meaning of the expression "I have actually lost all capacity to can." ~ above January 26th, 2014, country music singer Kacey Musgraves repeated the phrase "I can"t even" during her accept speech for best Country Album in ~ the 2014 Grammy Awards (shown below).

On February third the pop culture blog thought Catalog<7> published an short article criticizing the use of the phrase. On march 18th, the GarlicJacksonComedy uploaded a video in i beg your pardon a male contacts one emergency hotline around his girlfriend saying "I can"t" and also "I""m accurate dying" (shown below). In two months, the video clip received much more than 630,000 views and 260 comments.

On April 8th, picture macro special a photograph of numerous teenage girls title "Tumblr can"t also right now" to be submitted come Imgur<5> (shown below). Within one month, the picture garnered upwards the 13,600 points and also 570 comments.

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On might 10th, YouTuber Sam Tabor uploaded a video titled "I Can"t Even," in which he is filmed utilizing the swirl result in Apple"s picture Booth software application while performing his impersonation of teenage girls on Twitter (shown below). On may 12th, Redditor EducatedCloud submitted the video to the /r/videos<3> subreddit, where it got over 15,900 upvotes and also 700 comment in the first 16 hours.