Star Wars: The Mandalorian's 10 most Savage Lines, Ranked In Star Wars: The Mandalorian, the Mando himself had actually some pretty great lines. In fact, we"ve pursued down 10 that the most savage ones.

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there are numerous reasons why The Mandalorian came to be such a huge hit - obviously, baby Yoda was a an essential factor - however one the the other things critics and also audiences love so much about the collection is just how quotable it was.

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While there room a many of good lines in the series, because that this perform we"ll be ranking the quick-witted commentary from none other than the notorious bounty hunter, Mando himself, looking ago at what us think his most savage, clever lines are. We"re going to be diving into The Mandalorian"s plot elements to know the lift of Mando"s ideal quotes, so as of now, a spoiler warning is in effect.

surrounding by Niktos in chapter one, Mando cautions his fellow hunter, bounty droid IG-11, no to self-destruct. The bot insists they room surrounded and that if a droid is captured, the outcomes are catastrophic - therefore he"s about to start the procedure anyway when Mando decides come genuinely act rather than just using his words, snagging top top a large Nikto weapon and also using it come wipe the end the entire brigade bordering them.

It"s one of the coolest moment from The Mandalorian and the first time Mando"s true capability were totally realized in the series.

9 "Well, i did disintegrate a few of them"

In chapter two, the Jawas have actually stolen important parts out of Mando"s spaceship, so, accompanied by Kuill, he top to their camp to do a trade. As soon as Mando appears, the Jawas enter a frenzy, and also when Kuill asks why this is, Mando answer off-handedly that he "did disintegrate a couple of of them."

It"s a an excellent moment from among the show"s ideal scenes, and also it definitely helps the audience much better understand just exactly how mundane death is for Mando, as a bounty hunter - Pascal"s indifferent delivery sells it.

8 "Here’s what i’m gonna do. Ns gonna to walk to my ship, v the kid, and also you’re gonna let that happen"

sought by the bounty guild while trying come rescue baby Yoda from the clutches of evil in chapter three, Mando stays calm and delivers one his most perfectly in-character currently to date - a perfect depiction of just how Mando faces danger and difficult situations - logic, reason, and an unbreakable wait of calm that perplexes and also annoys his enemies. Plus, he delivered this heat without backing down, despite being surrounded by those who will avoid at nothing to stop him from making off with the boy - and also with no means to escape.

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Thankfully, the doesn"t die, together he"s conserved by a surprised battalion of Mandalorians, however what a way to go the would have actually been - resistant and unwavering to the end.

7 "This is the way"

while "this is the way" is a doctrine the all Mandalorians subscribe to - so Mando didn"t produce the line self - we can"t aid but gain his breathtaking distribution of the ethical mantra. The phrase holds a special meaning for every Mandalorians, relenten the quest for survive they"ve all had actually to face and also serving to affix them together one civilization - even if some act in different ways than others.

While it isn"t particularly "savage", Mando"s short rendition the the universal Mandalorian belief still sounds exceptionally cool, and it"s end up being one of the show"s many quoted moments.

Again, Mando is talking around whether to lug in his target alive or dead, however this is a personality that, unlike infant Yoda, he has no sympathy because that - he"s simply offering the bounty a warning, while simultaneously connecting to him the ultimately, the is going to it is in captured and returned come the jurisdiction, no issue what decision he makes.

It also shows just how unemotional Mando is - because, because he"s gone on so many missions, he"s end up being alienated from others. It"s a good line coupled with some good cinematography - and Pedro Pascal delivers that perfectly.

5 "That"s mine line"

In this episode, Mando is struck (albeit briefly) by riot Mar, a reckless bounty hunter in pursuit of baby Yoda, and the two duel while in spaceships. It"s a cool sequence - however what renders it also cooler is when Riot attempts to pull off Mando"s renowned "say-witty-line-and-then-kill" procedure.

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He lifts the "I can bring you in warm, or ns can carry you in cold" heat from Mando"s previously repartee, but, even in the face of adversity, and also with his life hanging in the balance, Mando stays calm - clear replying "That"s my line" prior to blasting his enemy"s ship to pieces.

This line, talked by Mando come a bounty droid on the world Arvala-7 (immediately ~ the 2 have uncovered Baby Yoda) showcases how calm and calculated Mando yes, really is. The bounty droid is programmed the death the child; something else would go against its programming, so Mando doesn"t actually believe the droid will agree v him.

Rather, he provides the line 2 ways: first, in order come buy time - and also second, together a means of wishing the droid bye - since the robotic bounty hunter is suddenly introduced to Mando"s blaster. Plot speak louder than words, yet in this case, they walk hand in hand.

3 "No inquiries asked, that is the policy, right?"

In chapter 5 of The Mandalorian, Mando finds himself in a life-or-death predicament when a team he"s been assigned to work with (in order come rescue Qin, a brand-new Republic prisoner that is the brother of one of the mercenaries) double-crosses him and also locks him in a cell on a soon-to-be-destroyed starship. The Mandalorian escapes and takes down his now-foes, leaving just Qin because that him to face - however, rather of killing Qin, the agrees come return him come Ran, the man who had put together the mission in the an initial place.

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When Ran asks what happened to the rest of the crew, the Mandalorian reminds the of his very own guideline by saying "No inquiries asked, that is the policy, right?" - and it"s every little as condescendingly cold-blooded together it sounds.

This heat is very cool-sounding (and extremely quotable), yet it"s additionally actually true - the Mandalorian religious beliefs is built on foundations of war and violence. If he might not realize it, Mando"s an easy reply come Kuill"s earnest questioning displays just how strange and facility his life must have been, increased from childhood to end up being a bounty hunter during a tense political period.

Then again, the heat is additionally intended to display how Mando is always on the alert, no matter exactly how peaceful the situation he"s in appears to be.

1 "I favor those odds"

one of Mando"s many deeply rooted main point traits is exactly how he seems unfazed by classic scare tactics or threats - and this line is a good example of that. When interviewing for his next operation, Mando is surprised through the enntrance gate of his client"s head scientist, Dr. Pershing, and also draws his tools - while the client"s bodyguards - who occur to be imperial Stormtroopers - do the same.

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Mando"s customer asks him to placed down his weapons so that they can continue negotiations, and also Mando asks the the Stormtroopers execute it an initial - to which a Stormtrooper smugly replies "We have actually you 4 to one." Mando take away a deep breath, transforms to confront his suddenly detractor, and, nonchalantly, comment "I prefer those odds."

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