On Jordan"s stormy financial institutions I stand

Author: Samuel Stennett (1787)Tune: PROMISED land (American)Closing SongsPublished in 1237 hymnalsPrintable scores: PDFPlayable presentation: lyrics only, text + musicAudio files: MIDISong easily accessible on My.rwandachamber.org
On Jordan"s Stormy Banks

The Church"s One Foundation


1On Jordan"s stormy financial institutions I stand, and also cast a wishful eye come Canaan"s fair and happy land, where my possessions lie.

Refrain:I am bound for the promised land, i am bound because that the promised land; oh, that will come and go with me? i am bound because that the promised land.

2O"er all those wide extended levels shines one eternal day; over there God the kid forever reigns, and scatters night away.

3No chilling winds or gift breath have the right to reach that healthful shore; sickness and sorrow, pain and death, space felt and also feared no more.

4When ns shall reach the happy place, I"ll it is in forever blest, for i shall view my Father"s face, and also in his bosom rest.

United Methodist Hymnal, 1989
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Author: Samuel Stennett

Samuel Stennett was born in ~ Exeter, in 1727. His father was minister of a Baptist congregation in the city; after that of the Baptist Chapel, small Wild Street, London. In this last pastorate the son succeeded the dad in 1758. He died in 1795. Dr. Stennett was the author of several doctrinal works, and also a couple of hymns. --Annotations that the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, M.A. 1872.…Go to person page >
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PROMISED soil (American)
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In Revelation, the apostle John explains his vision that heaven and the new Jerusalem. Not just is it a gorgeous place, “prepared together a bride adorned for her husband” (Rev. 21:2 ESV), through pearls, gold, and jewels, yet it is additionally a ar of joy and light. “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and also death shall it is in no more, no shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore” (Rev. 21:4 ESV). “And night will certainly be no more. Lock will require no light of desk lamp or sun, for the lord God will certainly be your light, and also they will power forever and also ever” (Rev. 22:5 ESV). Images like these space expressed in this hymn, in addition to the desire come be over there someday.

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Text:The initial text of this hymn was in 7 stanzas v no refrain. The was composed by Samuel Stennett, that was an English minister, and very first appeared in man Rippon"s A selection of Hymns in 1787 in London. The design template of this complete text is the vision of the believer together he or she viewpoints death, based upon the description of heaven in Revelation 22.

This message made its way to America and was adapted there to a various view. The removed of three stanzas (original st. 2, 3, and also 7) and also the enhancement of a camp-meeting refrain change the picture. In the American version, this hymn is a song for one still on the trip to a nice place rather of Stennett"s photo of one who has actually glimpsed a breathtaking step so close to that one can practically touch it.The repertoire that made this text renowned was wilhelm Walker"s southerly Harmony that 1835, in which at least the very first stanza of this hymn appears four times, each v a different refrain and tune. The refrain the is most common in contemporary hymnals starts “I am bound for the Promised Land.”


The tune to which this singing is most frequently sung is PROMISED LAND, which showed up at number 51 in william Walker"s southern Harmony in 1835; it to be attributed come “Miss M. Durham,” who has actually not however been identified. That is named after the refrain. The initial version the the track was in three-part harmony with the track in the middle component in a minor key. Rigdon McIntosh modification the rhythm and transcribed the tune to a major vital for publication in A arsenal of Hymns and also Tunes in 1874. This suited the musical fashion that the time, and also it is the version uncovered in modern-day hymnals.

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This singing is perfect for solutions with one eschatological layout or preaching on Revelation 22. Various other hymns that would blend well musically and also thematically encompass “When us All acquire to Heaven” and also “Shall us Gather at the River?” For blended worship services, a modern-day tune for this message was created by Christopher Miner the Indelible Grace. A SAB choral arrangement that shows the charm the the original minor an essential version that the tune is “The Promised Land.” A bass crucial solo that would occupational well because that a postlude is discovered in “Early American Hymns.”

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