The Hummer was an iconic car during its manufacturing years. But the brawny automobile had a reputational issue since of the gas-guzzling engines.

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In this article, we display the numbers to let you recognize that the lovely Hummers’ fuel economic climate was no as negative as civilization claim.

How poor Is the Hummer’s Fuel Economy contrasted to consistent Trucks?What Is the dimension of a Hummer’s Fuel Tank?How to improve Your Hummer’s Mileage

What Is the typical gas mileage because that a hummer? The typical gas mileage of a Hummer depends on the model, year, engine type, terrain, and also driving habits. The H1 gets about 10 mpg, the H2 a short 10-12 mpg when the H3 can supply up come 14 mpg top top average.

There is no large difference between gas and also diesel H1s regarding gas mileage. In fact, the few gas H1s have a lower selection because the their smaller sized fuel tanks.

If you space keen on cutting fuel expenses, the Hummer is not the ideal automobile for you due to the fact that it’s size demands that the truck consumes a most gas.

However, your fuel economic situation will enhance with time. Your driving behavior can also affect the miles you can get from her Hummer. The slow your pace, the greater the variety of miles friend can acquire on a Hummer.

The truck is huge and has a box-like architecture that create a the majority of drag. Achieving high speeds in together a truck calls for the engine to burn much more fuel to supply the talk you must reach your wanted pace.

Why go the Hummer need to Use So lot Gas?


The armed forces Humvee from which the Hummer was developed has an atrociously low gas mileage. Depending upon the variant, the auto could manage approximately 4 mpg in the city and 8 mpg top top the highway.

Speed was no a significant requirement for the designers of the Humvee.

Its mission was to move troops and materiel indigenous one ar to another. Unfortunately, that is civilian cousins shared its gluttonous appetite for fuel.

Final Words

The Hummer is not for people conscious of fuel prices. If that is you, take into consideration getting a Prius or Tesla. The vehicle’s weight, size, design, and the engine makes it inevitably gas-thirsty.

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You need not complain about fuel efficiency if you bought a Hummer. That atrocious require for gas is part of what makes the van so powerful-it’s no a weakness.