Cross play on One, collection X|S, and Windows PC following the new update.

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Grab your friends and explore lush woodland and snowy hilltops in new level Forest!

Today, brand-new level woodland arrives in Human: autumn Flat. This an international Workshop competition-winning dreamscape offers much more than your mean camping trip, through crashed planes come clamber over, hefty machinery to control and also cold climate conundrums come solve.

Designed by neighborhood creator Jack, the new Forest level take away our human beings on a forest tour v a difference, jam packed v fiendish minecart puzzles, hill climbing and also massive ravines come cross.

What’s more, Human: loss Flat is currently Optimized for series X|S through Smart distribution support (existing owners deserve to upgrade to the next-gen variation for free), through a brand-new update allowing players to overcome play through friends top top One, series X|S, and Windows PC. Owner on Windows pc will likewise find their version of the video game massively expanded from now with the level Thermal, Factory, Golf, City, and also Forest added for free!

There are currently 17 levels inHuman: fall Flatand we’re still not done! We have lots of plans for the remainder of 2021 including new level releases and skins all coming to her game, in ~ no added cost. Store up to day by adhering to us ~ above Twitter
HumanFallFlat, our Discord channel here, or watch the latest trailers on our YouTube channelhere.

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We’d prefer to take this chance to thank all the Human: fall Flat community who assist shape the future of our game.

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Coming shortly to video game Pass: Backbone, because that Honor, Darkest Dungeon, and More

Jun 1, 2021