Virtual reality (VC) headsets room all the fury these days. They sell a more immersive endure to the gaming world and also the chance to move approximately — if everything’s functioning properly. HTC’s latest Vive headsets, consisting of the outstanding Cosmos and brand-new Vive pro 2, are much more stable than ever, but sometimes things deserve to still go wrong. 

From “headset not found” errors come pairing issues, fine cover typical HTC Vive troubles users face. Then, we’ll suggest possible fixes and administer step-by-step indict on just how to attend to the problems you could encounter with your HTC Vive.

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Issues presented through an error code

(Error 108) Headset not found

There space a couple of means this error deserve to manifest, either as an error post (error 108) or blinking red irradiate on the headset. This is typically the an outcome of one of two people a USB or a driver issue.

Possible fixes:

First and also foremost, make sure the headset is plugged in correctly. If in doubt, remove everything and also plug it earlier in again.The power, USB, and also HDMI cables indigenous the headset have to be plugged right into the correct slot on the connect box; native there, the link box’s USB and HDMI must be plugged right into the PC, and also the power cord plugged into a strength outlet.Once correctly plugged in, the LED ~ above the headset should be green, indicating that it’s prepared for use.If everything is plugged in however the headset is not transforming on, shot a various outlet.

Once you’ve excellent that, if the problem still persists, there space a number of other points to try:

Reboot the headset

Step 1: In SteamVR, right-click on the headset icon and select Reboot Vive Headset.

Step 2: Wait for the reboot to complete.

Power cycle the link box

Step 1: Shut under SteamVR.

Step 2: Unplug the power and USB cord indigenous the computer side of the attach box (meaning not the orange next of the attach box).

Step 3: ~ a few minutes, plug the power and also USB cord back into the attach Box. If you watch a notification in the taskbar that a driver is installing, wait for it to finish.

Step 4: Relaunch SteamVR. Store in mind that you might need to repeat this process an ext than when in order because that the error to prevent appearing.

Restart your computer

Step 1: stop SteamVR and also reboot your computer.

Use a different USB port

Sometimes, plugging right into USB 3.0 and 3.1 harbor can cause errors. In that case, shot using a USB 2.0 port instead. If over there is a USB port already in use and working — say, one that your key-board or mouse is plugged right into — try moving the Vive connection to it. If, after trying all feasible USB ports, friend still carry out not have a connection, shot resetting your USB tools using the adhering to steps.

Step 1: Unplug the connect cables from your PC.

Step 2: Navigate come SteamVR > settings > General, and make certain the Developer Settings box is checked.

Step 3: Click Reset in the sidebar.

Step 4: Double-check to view if the attach box’s USB cable is unplugged indigenous the PC. Click Remove all SteamVR devices and click Yes when prompted.

Step 5: stop SteamVR, plug the attach box back into your PC, and re-launch SteamVR.

If you’ve attempted every fix in-depth above, it may be that your USB chipset is leading to the issue. Examine with Steam’s support web page for more explanation the compatible USB chipsets.

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(Error 113) course registry no writable

This is usually as result of a absence of proper installation permissions. You’ll need to change her permissions in Windows.

Change permissions

Step 1: Navigate to the folder you desire to readjust permissions for.

Step 2: Right-click it and select Properties.

Step 3: click the Security tab.

Step 4: examine the names provided in the Group the usernames box. If the account you’re using does no appear, click Add and type the surname of the user you wish to add. Skip this step if the username currently shows up.

Step 5: To adjust permissions, click the Allow or Deny inspect box in the Permissions because that User or Group box. For the functions of addressing error 113 with the Vive, you’ll want to allow access.

(Error 200) Driver failed

This error message indicates that the OpenVR driver failed. If you included a file or folder to the SteamVR driver directory, remove it should fix the problem. If not, you might not have the appropriate permission to write to the user directory.

Change permissions

Step 1: Right-click in home windows Explorer and also select the folder you wish to modify permissions for.

Step 2: Click Properties.

Step 3: Click top top the Security tab.

Step 4: Check the names noted in the Group or usernames box. If the account you’re using does no appear, click Add and type the name of the user you wish to add. Skip this step if the username already shows up.

Step 5: To readjust permissions, click the Allow or Deny checkbox in the Permissions for User or Group box. For the objectives of resolving error 200 with the Vive, you’ll desire to enable access.

Error 109/400

If you watch this code, it’s usually since your headset isn’t connecting your GPU correctly. Twin check come make certain the connect box and also your primary display screen are connected to the very same GPU in your setup. If you have to use a laptop, make certain the link is utilizing a discrete GPU. Occasionally switching come “prefer preferably performance” or comparable settings will force the computer system to make the ideal switch.


(Error 206) Driver no calibrated

Error 206 means that SteamVR to be unable to pack the calibration for her headset. To solve the issue, friend will should reset your headset to force the motorists to reinstall.

Reinstall headset drivers

Step 1: Unplug the headset.

Step 2: In SteamVR, walk to Settings > Reset, and click Remove every SteamVR devices. Wait a moment.

Step 3: Plug your headset back in and wait because that the vehicle drivers to install.

Step 4: If recurring attempts do not solve the issue, Valve’s assistance website shows you may have a faulty unit, and also encourages users to contact HTC with the company’s website.

(Error 207) Driver calibration invalid

This error is comparable to error 206, in the it shows a fail of the headset calibration come be loaded by SteamVR. Together such, the procedures to fix the worry are the same.

Reinstall headset drivers

Step 1: Unplug the headset.

Step 2: In SteamVR, walk to Settings > Reset, and click Remove all SteamVR devices. Wait a moment.

Step 3: Plug her headset back in and wait for the chauffeurs to install.

If recurring attempts do not fix the issue, Valve’s support website indicates you may have a faulty unit, and encourages users to contact HTC through the company’s website.

(Error 208) HMD display not found/(Error 208) HMD found over USB, but monitor no found

If you conference error 208 with the post “HMD display not found” or “HMD uncovered over USB, however monitor no found,” try these potential fixes.

Update her graphics card drivers.Double-check the relations for all cables — those native the headset come the connect box and also the attach box to the PC and power outlet alike. The power cord specifically can come loose after heavy use. This can be checked by acquisition off the removable cable panel on the MHD by advertise it forward.Make certain the orange-tipped cords from the headset space plugged into the orange port on the connect box.

(Error 215) GPU link failed

This generally happens when your graphics map has an important update the hasn’t been installed yet. Make certain your GPU is totally updated. If you have multiple GPUs, it’s a an excellent idea come disable or remove all but the one you room using because that Vive if this problem keeps recurring. Sometimes DisplayPort adapters can additionally cause this issue and also need to be removed to solve it.

(Error 301) connect failed

This suggests that vrserver.exe failure to start or connect. Sometimes, this is brought about by multiple instances of the routine running in ~ the same time.

Kill VRServer processes

Step 1: quit SteamVR.

Step 2: form Task manager in the windows search bar, and also open the Task Manager.

Step 3: Locate any type of instances that vrserver.exe that might be running and also quit the process.

Step 4: operation SteamVR.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, Valve’s support web page instructs users to send in a mechanism report as thorough in the development to this article.

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(Error 302) Init failed

This error method that vrserver.exe is suffering issues starting up.

Usually, this have the right to be addressed by just rebooting your computer and trying again.If this doesn’t resolve the issue, Valve’s support page instructs individuals to send in a device report as detailed in the arrival to this article.

(1101 through 1112) USB error

All error messages between 1101 and also 1112 are concerned USB failures. Reinstalling headset USB chauffeurs can carry out the trick.

Reinstall headset drivers

Step 1: Unplug your headset/linkbox, controllers, and also any various other VR gadgets you have actually plugged into your PC.

Step 2: In SteamVR, walk to Settings > Reset, and click Remove all SteamVR USB Devices.

Step 3: Click Yes.

Step 4: quit SteamVR.

Step 5: Reconnect her headset, this time using a different USB port, and also wait for motorists to install.

Step 6: Restart SteamVR.

If this doesn’t settle the issue, Valve’s support page instructs customers to send in a device report as in-depth in the advent to this article.

Vive headset problems

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Inside-out tracking keeps messing up

The inside-out tracking supplied in the Cosmos needs no setup, yet some players have discovered that the tracking appears to skip a lot of or construct inaccuracies. The an essential is probably somewhere in the setting itself. If you are using a Cosmos in a dim room, shot turning on brighter overhead lights. If there space mirrors or reflective surfaces around, try removing them and also covering home windows to enhance the experience. Also, totally blank walls deserve to actually confused the headset’s data collection, so having a couple of basic objects (outside of tripping range) may also be a good idea.

Can’t play an older title on a Cosmos headset

Not every Vive gamings work through Cosmos models, and sometimes bugs avoid them from functioning properly. HTC reports that approximately 90% that Viveport’s most popular titles are compatible, however results may vary based upon what you prefer to play. Save checking for updates to watch if bugs are addressed or more compatibility is added.

The Vive agree 2 has actually flickering or artifacts, specifically at the edges

Are you utilizing a wired connection? try switching to wireless. If this enhances the issue, then your headset may have a faulty cable, or perhaps a software application bug. This is a reasonably common trouble that is still gift investigated. Contact HTC come report the issue, save SteamVR updated, and also play in wireless setting for now.

Controller batteries store dying

Cosmos controllers last in between four and also eight hours. That’s a lot that variance, based upon how often the controller sensors need to recalibrate, lighting, and also the content you space playing. For now, the ideal idea is to keep a couple of AA batteries about in instance the controllers start dying unexpectedly. HTC would like to market built-in, rechargeable batteries at part time in the future, yet that hasn’t happened yet.

Audio keeps breaking up or dying out

Cosmos models use integrated headphones that depend on the USB 3.0 connection. If the headphones are having actually problems, there’s most likely an issue with the connection: Make certain you room using an up-to-date USB 3.0 port and also that connections are secure. Inspect for cable damage to make certain nothing has actually gone dorn — the motion-oriented VR experience deserve to be tougher top top USB cables than many other uses.

Controller and also base terminal problems

Controller not connected

If you uncover that her controller isn’t well-known by SteamVR, the LED shade should provide you a clue around what come do.

If blue

When the controller LED is solid blue, it way that the controller is no connecting come the pc successfully. Friend will need to re-pair your controllers. To perform so, navigate to SteamVR > settings > devices > Pair Controller.

If red

If the controller’s LED is solid red and the controller is unresponsive, try resetting your controller.

Step 1: simultaneously press and also hold the trigger, food selection button, trackpad button, and also grip buttons.

Step 2: keeping these buttons held, plug her controller into your pc via Micro USB.

Step 3: ~ plugging it in, wait 5 seconds and then release the buttons. Your pc will show up to uncover a new storage device. Ignore this prompt and unplug the controller.

Step 4: after ~ this, the controller will certainly be reset, and also should currently be working properly.

If light is not on at all

If the LED is displaying no color, that way the controller is not turned on. Press the system switch to revolve on the controller. If the controller does not rotate on, then your controller demands to it is in charged. Plug her controllers right into an outlet via the Micro USB and power adapter. When the controllers room plugged in and also charging, the LED will display various colors:

Orange — the controller is charging.Green — fully charged, controller rotate on.White — fully charged, controller rotate off.

Controller Trackpad is twitchy or oversensitive.

If your controller is a little bit squirrely or challenging to use, it likely needs to it is in calibrated or the firmware needs to be updated.

Step 1: In SteamVR, navigate to SteamVR > devices > update Firmware.

Step 2: rotate off the controller through holding under the System switch until the LED transforms off.

Step 3: through the controller rotate off, press and hold the trigger and grip button.

Step 4: While continuing to hold the trigger and also grip button, push the device button. The controller need to turn back on. As soon as it does, it will certainly make a various noise than the normal power-on noise.

One or both Base station LEDs won’t readjust from blue

This generally way that the Vive base terminal is having difficulty stabilizing. Vibrations or motion can reason this error to occur.

Make sure the bases room securely mounted. If stuck to the wall, tighten every screws and also the retaining nut. If ~ above tripods, make certain that activities on the floor aren’t sending out vibrations through the frame.

The base Stations won’t leaving standby setting (LEDs dim green)

If your Vive Lighthouse base stations won’t wake up up from standby, shot this:

Unplug the basic stations and then plug them back in again.
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Base terminal LEDs room solid or blinking purple

This way the base stations are having an obstacle seeing one another.

Try relocating anything that may be prevent the Vive basic stations. Including yourself. Follow any on-screen instructions from steam VR if necessary.Make sure that the base stations are tilted in ~ an angle that lets them check out each other and also the play space.

The base terminal LED is off

If the LED top top the Vive base station is not lit up, that means the base station is not receiving power.

Make certain the power cord is plugged in.If the base terminal is plugged right into an outlet but not powering on, try a various outlet.

Base station optical sync issues

Issues can happen with her base terminal while trying to sync. Right here are part tips to make certain they are set up properly for optical sync.

Double-check your base terminal firmware is up to date. Go to SteamVR > devices > upgrade Firmware.Be sure the path between base stations isn’t blocked, so they deserve to see one another.Don’t set the stations too far apart. They should be in ~ 16 feet that one another.Be certain the basic stations are set to the suitable modes. Push the mode switch on the backs of the station so that one station is collection to “b” and the various other “c.”Consider mounting the base stations higher up, to make certain that your motions in the place space aren’t interrupting their view.

If every the over criteria room met, the base station LED have to turn solid eco-friendly when synced. If that still doesn’t, try using the Sync Cable.

Step 1: Packaged v the Vive crate is a long, optional cable. Plug this cable into the basic stations.

Step 2: push the mode buttons on the backs the the stations until one station screens “a” and the other “b.”

Step 3: If done correctly, the base station LEDs must now it is in solid green.

Software and headphone problems

Device symbol flashing eco-friendly in vapor VR

This method that one or an ext of your gadgets are not tracking properly (or in ~ all). It need to be basic to rectify the problem.

All devices need to be in see of at the very least one base station. If they are not, change your setup so all gadgets can be seen.Be certain the base terminal is fully powered on and also synced. The base station LEDs will be green if whatever is on and working correctly.Make certain controllers space on and charged. The LEDs should be green.Make certain the headset is correctly plugged in. The LED need to be green.Check all the firmware is as much as date. If not, take into consideration upgrading it. Monitor the on-screen instructions to carry out so.

Corrupt or lacking SteamVR files

An incomplete surroundings may reason corrupt or missing files. You need to make sure your environment is completely intact.

Step 1: exit SteamVR.

Step 2: go to the Steam desktop computer client.

Step 3: Navigate come Library > Tools, and also right-click on SteamVR. Choose Properties.

Step 4: open the Local Files tab.

Step 5: pick Verify integrity of device Cache.

No sound when using the Vive headphone port

If you’re no getting any kind of sound through your headphones, headset, or speaker then you’re no alone. Over there are many things girlfriend can try to get your Vive audio working.

Be sure SteamVR is tho open and running.Check the headphones are certainly plugged in. If using the deluxe Audio Headstrap, make sure the headphones connect to the headphone extension cable, and also that that connects right into the headset itself.The headset might be in standby. Move it come make sure it wakes up.In heavy steam VR, right-click and select Settings > Audio. Native Mirror audio to device drop-down menu, select your wanted device.Be certain the Vive is receiving audio from steam VR. In vapor VR, right-click, choose Settings > Audio. In the Set Playback Device drop-down box, choose HTC-VIVE.If you are using speakers, right-click in SteamVR and select Settings > Audio. In the Set Playback Device drop-down box, choose Speakers or USB-Audio Device.Windows may not be sending audio come the Vive headset. Right-click ~ above the Volume icon in the home windows taskbar, then click Playback devices. Choose HTC-VIVE-0 and collection it as the default device. If the Vive go not show up from this list, try selecting Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices.Make certain the Vive’s volume slider in the home windows Volume Mixer is up. Right-click the Volume icon in the Windows task tray and click Open Volume Mixer. Locate the slider because that HTC-VIVE-0 and set its volume come 50% or so.Check the application or gamings volume. Right-click the Volume icon in the Windows job tray and open volume mixer. Discover the video game or routine you are running, and also make sure its volume is set to at the very least 50% or so.

No sound as soon as using USB headphones v the Vive’s extra USB port

If you find there’s no sound coming with your headphones and you’re plugged right into the extra USB port, here’s what to do:

Be certain the Vive is receiving audio from steam VR. In vapor VR, right-click and select Settings > Audio. In the set Playback an equipment drop-down box, select HTC-VIVE.Windows may not be sending audio come the Vive headset. Right-click the Volume symbol in the Windows job tray and select Playback devices. Choose HTC-VIVE-0 and collection it together the default device. If the Vive does not appear from this list, try selecting Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices.

Sound stops playing while plugged right into the Vive headphone jack

A few people have had actually trouble through the sound cutting off while plugged right into the Vive headphone jack. There space a few things precious checking to lug it back.

Be sure SteamVR is tho open and also running.The headset might be in standby mode. Move it come make certain it wakes up.To keep audio playback, even while the headset is asleep, right-click the Volume symbol in the Windows job tray and then choose Playback devices. Select 2-USB Audio Device, and collection it as the default device. If the Vive does not show up from this list, shot selecting Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices.If the over methods do not deal with the issue, try using a USB headset in conjunction with the Vive’s extra USB port.

Static electricity when using earbuds

If you acquire a surprised shock from your Vive while using earbuds it could just be static. This normally isn’t indicative of an issue, as a buildup of static or minor revolution shock does not necessarily average your Vive is malfunctioning and isn’t cause for worry. That can, however, be annoying.

Valve note on that support page that this generally occurs in much the same way static shock build from miscellaneous like, say, socks ~ above carpet or a balloon rubbing top top hair.Try using anti-static sprays and also lotions, and wear apparel made of natural fibers to reduce the buildup of static electricity.Dry atmospheres are specifically susceptible to this, but using a humidifier have to be sufficient sufficient to add moisture to the air and prevent any static buildup.

Vive mirrors as your computer’s main monitor ~ an upgrade

A many of human being have uncovered that, after ~ upgrading to windows 10, Vive mirrors as the computer’s main monitor – not exactly perfect situation. Fortunately, it’s very easy to fix. Simply disconnect your headset for the connect box, and also reboot her computer. As soon as your computer system is finished rebooting, reconnect your headset cable come the link box. Everything should be fine now!

Your Vive keeps omitted frames no matter what you try

If this is keep going with every little thing you try, it’s probably because of exactly how your computer is regulating the display. There room a most settings that can cause this, however one the the most common is night mode. Check your computer and make sure no night mode settings are enabled. Also make certain you aren’t running any kind of other varieties of software program that deliberately readjust how your computer’s display screen looks.

Variable brightness or photos that keep darkening

Newer headsets prefer the Vive pro 2 may experience some problems with your automatic brightness adjustments. Customers may discover that the display screen switches brightness levels in a distracting way, or immediately darkens when looking in a certain direction, do visibility a problem.

If you uncover this is a problem, visit SteamVR settings. SteamVR recently added a global brightness slider to regulate brightness manually. Friend may also want to see if there room in-game choices for adjusting the brightness.

Vive Wireless Adapter problems


The HTC Vive Wireless Adapter is among the best upgrades you deserve to make to her VR experience for room-scale play, however the suffer isn’t error-free.

No power to the headset

If you find that her headset doesn’t work-related or power on in ~ all through the Vive wireless installed, try these fixes.

Make sure that the battery is plugged into the Vive Wireless adapter via the USB cable.Make sure the Vive Wireless adapter is plugged into the Vive headset through all three cables.Make sure the battery is charged. Press the button on it to check.Press the button on the battery, followed by the switch on the Vive Wireless Adapter to revolve them both on.

If you have done all of the above, try running the Vive Wireless connection software again, climate launch SteamVR.

Stuck initializing

If you uncover that the Vive Wireless connection application gets stuck on “Initializing,” or any kind of of its various other intermediary steps, there space some things you can shot that should fix it.

Make sure that girlfriend aren’t over-extending the wireless transmitter/receiver. The coaxial cable because that the wireless transmitter/receiver deserve to be prolonged by a additional 2M, but beyond that, friend are most likely to confront problems. It’s additionally worth making certain that it’s a high-quality coaxial cable that you’re using.Make certain that the Vive Wireless Adapter is within visual range of the wireless transmitter/receiver. 30ft is around the maximum variety they should be apart.Try an altering the PCI-Express map to a different PCIe slot.

If nobody of that works, try the following:

Step 1: find for Device Manager in the home windows search box and select the equivalent result.

Step 2: find the Intel Wireless Gigabit VR Adapters and click the arrow next to it. Right-click the Intel Wireless Gigabit W11100 VR Device and also select Disable.

Step 3: Now, right click Intel Wireless Gigabit W11100 VR machine and choose the “Enable” option.

After that, you can shot to operation the Vive Wireless applications again. If everything goes according to plan, it need to now uncover your headset.

Grey screen during play

Check the Vive Wireless Adapter to make sure it’s not too hot. If the adapter exceeds preferably temperature limits, that will rotate off and halt your VR functioning till it cools off sufficient to start again. You maintain cool temperatures by adjusting your thermostat to a reduced temperature, pointing a portable fan straight on the adapter, or strategically planning division in usage.Give your batteries a complete charge. If her batteries are fast approaching a low charge, her gaming endure will come to be slow and erratic. Make sure that there is a clear and also visible path between your headset, the receiver, and the transmitter.

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Despite the kinks in connecting VR headsets to her devices, VR headsets room in high demand, acquiring popularity by the minute. We room confident the this article provides you with thorough guidelines to assess and resolve any kind of future difficulties you may have with HTC Vive.