Like plenty of smartphones released this days, the rumour mill among tech talkers has been warm for HTC to relax a bigger version the its flagship ONE, HTC have actually now confirmed and also announced the HTC ONE Max a One with a 5.9 inch display screen – it’s big and has gone hands on v the Max.

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HTC One Max

In the smartphone space the competition at the top is well and truly hotting up in between Apple and also Samsung, yet not as well long ago there were several service providers aiming for leadership in the Android room up against the leading Apple ecosystem. HTC was among those companies however the surging dominance of Samsung over the past two years has actually meant sales that the outstanding HTC One didn’t even come near to matching the flagship Samsung or apologize devices.

The HTC One was widely pertained to as one of – if not the finest smartphone built this year. It had actually a classy design, excellent construction and snappy performance. It’s steel body was the one vital thing that collection it apart and also gave a full sense the quality and also value.


Building a full family members of One devices, HTC recently introduced a smaller sized HTC One mini, and this mainly announced the larger HTC One max.


HTC One Max in eight Bass 2.1 sound accessory

The max is every little thing which earned the One the high praise as soon as it was launched, yet with a pair of key differences.

It’s huge – we typical – yes, really big. It sits alongside the recently launched Samsung Galaxy note 3, however feels a little bit heavier in the hand, yet that full metal building once again provides it the sheet in quality.

For the One Max HTC have released one all new version that its “Sense” great which sit on optimal of the stock typical Android 4.3 it’s running. This includes significant enhancements come the social feed which restrict the home screen which HTC speak to “Blinkfeed”.

Blinkfeed improved

Blinkfeed is a mix of all your social media sources, and various news website resources all an unified into a graphically shown feed – making the a single source for all her updates. You deserve to now include up come 4 regional editions, where before it to be only feasible to collection your home an ar and choose content from there. Instagram and also Google plus room added, and also in a huge win for lovers of RSS feeds, you can include custom RSS feeds too. User defined categories space also possible based top top searches you make within the Blinkfeed regional content. All in all it’s a big winner and also a leap forward from the early stage version. Sense 5.5 will certainly ship ~ above the One Max, and will be obtainable shortly ~ on the One and One Mini.


As much as the overall hardware goes, this is a “honey ns enlarged the kids” kinda device. Take it the One and literally do it bigger, other than for two evident things. A fingerprint scanner and also a removable back cover.

Removable earlier cover


HTC One Max through removable cover

Just come allow access to the sim slot and also MicroSD slot, the HTC One Max has actually a removable earlier cover. Inside the battery is no visible or removable therefore it’s questionable why a slide the end slot couldn’t be made for this device. The factor it’s exciting is the quality. When it’s still every little thing metal as you expect from the One household – the is not a simple thing come put earlier in place. You should do that slowly and press approximately the edges. It’s a boy gripe through what is otherwise spectacular design, yet it’s precious noting to ensure you examine the sheathe hasn’t gotten recorded on the camera or slightly mis-aligned itself. However let’s it is in honest, as soon as your SIM and also MicroSD are in, you’re i can not qualify to eliminate the covering again also often.

Fingerprint Scanner

While Apple to be the very first to market, i don’t obtain the feeling HTC just threw in a fingerprint scanner when the rumours of Apple’s plans struggle the web. HTC have a different technique to this. For a start, the scanner chin is on the earlier – in the middle of the machine underneath the camera.

You have the right to only register 3 fingers (Apple permits five), and also the procedure for registration is different. You swipe numerous times ~ above the HTC One Max, every time it speak you to walk again, and also again till it has actually a successful review – this have to take just four swipes.

A key difference is the function your finger can perform. Friend can set each different finger to a various task. Unlocking the phone, unlock and launch the camera, or another App of her choice. However it is no yet combined into any kind of other locations of the device as Apple has done through its app store and also iTunes purchasing.

HTC watch the fingerprint scanning not as a security measure yet as a convenience, but with a an equipment this size, I’m not sure its in the most comfortable position to be ultra convenient. Ns turned it turn off after simply a couple of days, it’s not a patch on what to apologize have accomplished unfortunately.

Up against its competitors, in certain the Galaxy note 3, the One Max is like for prefer a good device and with the camera functions like Zoe from the One contained you’re obtaining a quality machine hands down. However, it’s just not enough on its own to do it a compelling far better choice.

This is whereby the accessories come into play.

Users of these vast Phonelets (nope, not going to say the various other word) space chewing battery prefer there is no tomorrow. That vast screen in every its glory wants for more and much more power.

Yep, there room rechargeable portable strength packs, hell there are even situations with strength built-in. But these cases include bulk. HTC have pulled a master-stroke of development with their power Flip case.

More Power

The power Flip situation looks simply like any other flip over situation which covers the screen. It’s as thin top top the back to allow the device not to lose its kind and shape, however it packs an additional 1200mAh battery – that’s an extra 30% more power. Where? In the cover end the screen. A wafer slim battery sits folded on peak of the screen while her phone is in ~ rest, or folded behind the screen when in use.

It connects come the phone chin via 3 tiny little dots top top the earlier of the an equipment – it’s pure genius. No need for the situation to plug into the micro-USB slot, its gained internal accessibility direct indigenous the ago of the device.

This is a master-stroke from HTC design, this battery doesn’t fee separately, nor perform you ever see its different battery level. When associated to the power Flip case, your normal phone battery meter just shows a tiny + authorize in the corner, and also your work gets longer with an extra 30% battery. It’s noticeable – very noticeable.


HTC One Max in power Flip Case

Boom Bass


HTC eight Bass

One of the best features of the HTC One was the front facing speakers. Located above the below the screen, or come the left and also right in landscape orientation, these speaker made music and video clip consumption a highlight and also really set the an equipment apart indigenous every solitary competitor. You can really gain music and also gaming without the need for bluetooth speakers uneven you really want to fill a room. On your desk, or top top the lounge this is outstanding sound.

Now do it bigger, bigger “chambers” for the speakers, a bigger device – the sound simply got better too.

Enter the 2nd cool accessory – the HTC eight Bass. This bluetooth connected an equipment (which pairs via NFC) isn’t an exterior speaker. It’s the .1 to your HTC One Max’s 2. 2.1 sound gives bass the you notification when girlfriend pump the maker up. Placed the eight Bass on the table while you organize the machine and play activity games you’ll hear that bass beating away.

It’s hardly noticeable at volumes from 60% and lower, however once you pump that up, this becomes an investment.

The boom Bass is no for everyone, girlfriend really should be utilizing the speaker externally a lot of to obtain value, but for those who perform – it’s fantastic.


Saving the ideal for last, HTC have recognised that delivering a 5.9inch screened phone and also putting it up against your head looks stupid and frankly isn’t overly comfortable.

Enter the HTC Mini+. This small tiny phone looks like a blast from the past. It will definitely attract the fist of onlookers. It really is the ideal companion for people who desire a large screen because that video, web and also other consumption, however feel prefer a right fool with a substantial slab versus their ear while on the phone.

This is a Bluetooth headset. You deserve to (I’ve make the efforts it) pair it with an iphone or one more Android phone. It’s capability are countless when paired through a HTC One Max (and quickly the remainder of the One family).

Yep, it’s a phone headset, but on the mini+ you deserve to dial calls, make calls, take calls, then you deserve to see post alerts, calendar alerts, and also it’s likewise a remote presentation controller for her PC.

We’re said this mini+ will be priced roughly $100 or less, and if that’s the case, you have yourself a steal.

While the eight Bass is because that the few, the strength Flip and Mini+ space in my check out must have accessories because that the HTC One Max.

The device itself is listed below the Galaxy keep in mind 3 ~ above the evaluation rating radar, mainly because of the “magic” that the keep in mind 3 have the right to perform v its wait gestures and also pen capabilities. Take away those features which are practically gimmicky, the large boost in battery power and also the at sight portable bluetooth “mini phone” you can obtain with this machine makes the an outstanding selection for those in the sector for a 5.9 inch phone.

When it come to develop quality, HTC have actually proven themselves however again to it is in up there through the ideal in class, it’s obvious throughout the “One” family and shows again in the One Max.

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Pricing and also exact relax details are not however certain, but we intend announcements and access in late October, although likely in quick supply at launch.

DSCN0507HTC One Max in strength Flip CaseDSCN0513HTC One Max in power Flip CaseDSCN0506HTC One Max in power Flip caseDSCN0514HTC One Max and also HTC mini+DSCN0509HTC One Max in strength Flip caseDSCN0512HTC strength Flip situation for HTC One MaxDSCN0526HTC eight Bass speakerDSCN0529HTC eight Bass speaker accessoryDSCN0484HTC One Max and Apple iphone 5sDSCN0494HTC One Max battery cover switchDSCN0489HTC One Max DSCN0530HTC One Max in boom BassDSCN0528HTC eight BassDSCN0527HTC eight Base 2.1 speak accessoryDSCN0534HTC mini+ alongside iphone 5sDSCN0495HTC One Max DSCN0524HTC mini+DSCN0515DSCN0491HTC One Max DSCN0511HTC One Max in strength Flip CaseDSCN0523HTC mini+DSCN0496HTC One Max removable coverDSCN0525HTC mini+DSCN0488HTC One Max DSCN0499HTC One Max v removable coverDSCN0520HTC mini+DSCN0508HTC One Max in power Flip CoverDSCN0492HTC One Max DSCN0498HTC One Max removable earlier coverDSCN0521HTC mini+DSCN0497HTC One Max – removable ago coverDSCN0522HTC mini+DSCN0516HTC One Max and HTC mini+DSCN0517HTC One Max and HTC mini+DSCN0519HTC mini+ bluetooth phone/handsetDSCN0533HTC One Max in eight Bass speaker accessoryDSCN0518HTC Mini+DSCN0504HTC One Max fingerprint scanner alongside iphone phone 5s through fingerprint scannerDSCN0505HTC One Max DSCN0532HTC One Max in eight Bass accessoryDSCN0510HTC One Max strength flip caseDSCN0490HTC One Max power situation adaptorsDSCN0531HTC One Max in eight Bass 2.1 sound accessoryDSCN0503HTC One Max fingerprint scanner alongside iphone phone 5s fingerprint scannerDSCN0501HTC One Max DSCN0493HTC One Max DSCN0500HTC One Max – within the back coverDSCN0502HTC One Max fingerprint scannerDSCN0487HTC One Max alongside iphone 5sHTC ONE MAXHTC ONE MAX

Trevor long travelled to Singapore for the start of the HTC One Max together a guest that HTC