What space the demands of HP laptop tough drive replacement? In enhancement to brand-new drive and screwdriver, you might need a tool to migrate the vital data as well.


Preparations come upgrade difficult drive ~ above HP laptop

New drive: choose the new drive carefully and also make sure it will fit in your laptop.

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SATA to USB cable: for a laptop with only one drive bay, friend should attach the brand-new drive to USB harbor via a SATA to USB cable.

Screwdriver: to replace hard drive ~ above HP laptop mechanically, you require a driver that fits the screws.

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How to replace HP laptop difficult drive without shedding data?

Here"s the general procedure for replacing HP laptop tough drive and migrating your operating system and data. The detailed approach to physically change a hard journey vary in between different laptop brands and types. Here’s an example for HP PAVILION tough drive replacement.

If you"re not sure exactly how to carry out a details step on her HP laptop, you deserve to search because that tutorial videos of a specific laptop version on Google or Youtube.

Step 1. Clean up her disk

After irreversible use, there must be a many insignificant data save on computer on your hard drive. Now it’s time to delete files and apps the you no longer use.

But be sure not to touch those unfamiliar records especially in system partition. Accidental deleting may lead to serious consequences.

To delete temporary records and totally free up an are securely, friend can likewise perform a disk Cleanup with a integrated tool.

Step 2. Connect your new drive

For laptop with only one journey bay, you have the right to use SATA come USB adapter to connect the new drive together an exterior drive.

For laptop luckily consists of two drive bays, you can directy download the new hard journey alongside the old hard drive.


Step 3. Clone difficult drive come the brand-new drive

The Disk Clone feature in AOMEI Backupper Standard allows you come clone all the partitions include OS top top your existing disk v a an easy process. If your HP laptop has a factory recovery partition, that will also be included.

Note: After cloning, the location hard drive will certainly be overwritten. If you’ve stored some documents on it, please use AOMEI Backupper to back-up the hard drive in ~ first. 

How come clone laptop hard drive to brand-new SSD or HDD:

1. Install and launch AOMEI Backupper Standard, navigate to Clone tab and choose Disk Clone. If you desire to move OS only, you can upgrade come Professinal edition to perform mechanism Clone.


2. Select your current hard drive together the resource directory, click Next.


3. Pick the brand-new drive together the cloning destination, with the intelligent cloning technology, friend can even clone larger drive to smaller sized SSD. Then click Next.


4. Check your work and Start Clone. Optionally, you can modify the partition size, examine SSD Alignment for far better speed in location SSD, or choose Sector by ar Clone to clone all sectors no issue used or not.


Step 5. Install the brand-new drive and restart your computer with it

Put your new drive into the carrier and also push it earlier to the drive bay, climate reconnect the properly. It’s usually the turning back of just how you detach the old difficult drive.

Use the screwdriver to for sure the drive through the screws you eliminated before. Reinstall the ago panel and battery.

Then, restart your laptop and also launch Windows with the brand-new drive. You’ll uncover everything you require is already in ar without data losing.

Now you’ve fulfilled the job to upgrade HP laptop hard drive successfully. You deserve to use it as normal, yet with a greater speed or bigger capacity.


After making full preparations, you have the right to perform HP laptop tough drive replacement on her own. If you desire to maintain all the essential data in ~ the very same time, an efficient cloning software prefer AOMEI Backupper can be a huge help.

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Other 보다 disk migration, this tool additionally works together a day-to-day backup and also recovery software. You deserve to use the to safeguard your data flexibly also after the replacement. For example, girlfriend can develop a booked task to backup automatically, or develop a bootable key or USB in situation the system falls short to boot.