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Aw yeah, let's take it a tripJust sit back and irradiate a spliff v this and also don't slipOn a funky-dope track, run backStrapped v a fat buddha sack and also a 7-8 'lacCome clean, gangsta lean, I obtained greenBud, I offer dubs choose it ain't no thingI hang with OG playas, don't set tripOr you could get what we contact a rat packI don't slack as soon as it concerned streetI kick genuine G-funk come a gangsta beatIt's for this reason sweet, when you acquired money to spendI gained a proper big tilt and also a fly-big BenzI make ends, invest my dough ~ above no foeThat's just how it is, and that's how it goesAct favor you recognize when ns creep genuine slowGivin' love come them players that I understand is actual G'sNow ever due to the fact that a nigga to be a seedOnly point promised to me was the penitentiaryStill ballin', ridin' on this niggas ‘cause lock lameIn a '61 Chevy, still hefty in this gameCan you feeling me? Blame the on mine mama, I'm a thug niggaUp before the sunrise, faster than the drug dealersTell me if it's on, nigga, then we an initial to bomb, bustOn these bitch-made niggas, fight 'em up!Westside! Ain't nobody loved me together a damaged niggaFinger on the trigger, Lord, forgive me if ns smoke niggasI love mine females strapped, no fuckin' indigenous the backI get my money in stacks, California's wherein I'm atRidin', pass by while this niggas wonder whyI acquired shot but didn't die, allow 'em view who's beside tryDid i cry? Hell nah, nigga, tears shedFor all my homies in the pen, plenty of peers deadNiggas tho ballin'
This is exactly how we doWe make a move and act a fool while us up in the clubThis is exactly how we doNobody execute it prefer we carry out it, so present us part loveThis is how we doWe do a move and also act a stupid while we up in the clubThis is how we doNobody do it like we do it, so display us part loveNow everyone wanna see us deadTwo murdered on the prior pageShot come death, bullets to the headNiggas holler out my name and also it's similar to rapeMothafuckas understand I'm comin'So they runnin' to they gravesWatch! Swoop down v my nigga from the Pound(Eazy) don't provide a fuckWhere girlfriend coward niggas now?Blast, store pumpin', ain't worried about nothin'Busters thought we was frontin'So reload and also keep dumpin'Dump on fools v a quicknessAnd they acquired no cure because that the sicknessI gain paid because that the way that ns kick thisLike a G-ster, one OG-ster (who's that?)A genuine player called EazyAnd ns live my life straight crazyDon't require no punk stupid payin' meAnd broke groupies and hootchies don't faze meI take 2 steps earlier and release myselfTo put platinum and gold on the record shelfI don't brag, however I tell it like it straight-up isBefore you do a record, partner, handle your businessAnd don't get recorded slippin' top top the underOr you might wonder, (What's up through them ends, G?)I speak to a spade a spade and get paidG's display the way, for this reason I provide love to 'em

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I put gold Daytonas on that Cherry Six-FourWhite wall surfaces so clean it's choose I'm ridin' top top bulbsHit one switch, man, the ass so lowCali obtained niggas in brand-new York ridin' on hundreds spokesTouch me, enraged me, kiss me, please meI give it to you just just how you like it, girlYou know I'm rockin' through the bestFour lb on my hip, yellow chain on my chest (Ah!)Fifty, uh, Bentley, uhEm came and got a nigga fresh the end the slumAutomatic gun, crap 'em one-on-oneWe wrap up your punk-ass, stunt and also you doneHomie, it's video game timeYou ready? here I comeCall Lloyd Banks and also get this mothafucker crunkIt took 2 months, yet Fifty gained it doneSigned through G-Unit, had actually niggas favor "huh?"Don't shot to front, I'll leave her ass slumpedThinkin' I'm a punkGet your fucking head lumped, Fifty acquired a gunReady? below he comeGot a sick vendetta, to gain this cheddarMeet my Beretta, the drama setterSip Amaretta, my flow sounds betterThan average, on tracks I'm a savage, i damageAny nigga tryin' to front on my clique (G-Unit!)