Videoleap by Enlight is fantastic mobile video editing application that is lightweight and also loaded with features to aid you keep going. While producing videos, zooming is among the most effective tools in editing and enhancing that have the right to be offered to create a dramatic effect.

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Videoleap enables you to conveniently Zoom in to your images and also videos either statically or through animating your method to them. In case you are unable to find a means to Zoom right into your contents on Videoleap, then take a look in ~ our travel guide below. We will talk about the two most simple ways to Zoom in to your footage i beg your pardon should assist you in addition to your project. Let’s get started.

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How to static Zoom in Videoleap?

Open the Videoleap app and import the footage you wish to edit by tapping ~ above the ‘+‘ icon. Girlfriend can also open an currently existing task to assist you acquire started.

Now tap ~ above the footage the you great to Zoom in to on her timeline and select ‘Transform‘ indigenous the toolbar at the bottom of her screen.


Now in the preview window, just pinch and also zoom on the image/video come your desired size. This will zoom in come your contents statically and also the whole footage will certainly be played at the size preferred by you.


Tap ~ above the play button to see a preview of your task and adjust the zoom result according to her liking to attain the preferred result.


Your clip will now be zoomed in to statically in Videoleap i m sorry should help you focus on the subject at hand easily.

How come animate the zoom result in Videoleap?

If you want to zoom in to her footage while the is being played using computer animation to emphasis on a details detail, then you could want to use keyframes. Lock animate your zoom impact with activity which enables you to zoom in to her footage in a more professional looking manner. Here’s how you can include keyframes to your footage and animate her zoom effect.

Open the Videoleap application on your mobile maker and income the footage the you wish to use the effect to. You can additionally open an existing job to acquire you started.

Now tap on her footage/image to choose it and also drag the playhead to the timecode whereby you want to start your zoom effect. Tap ~ above the keyframe symbol in the bottom right corner of your screen to include a keyframe to your selected footage.

currently navigate to the timecode wherein your wish to protect against the zoom result and add another keyframe.


Simply pinch and zoom ~ above the preview currently at your second-time code and also focus top top the topic that you intended to.


Preview your footage making use of the play button at the bottom of the preview window and make any kind of changes if needed.


You must now get an man Zoom effect on your video in Videoleap.

Tip: add a defocus effect!

If you great to include a defocus impact to her footage for a dramatic Zoom effect then use the Prism effect. Deselect her footage, tap ~ above ‘Effects’ ~ above the bottom toolbar, and select prism. You will now have a dramatic zoom impact on your footage as a second layer that you can drag and reposition to your heart’s content. Girlfriend can additionally decrease and also increase the emphasis area that the effect relying on the size of your topic in the footage.

Zooming plays vital role in video editing yet you also need to understand it as soon as playing games. If you room a Minecraft junkie, examine out page, “Ways to Zoom in top top Minecraft“, whereby we comment on various methods to zoom in while play the game on her PC and also Mac.

If friend into video editing, you would certainly love to recognize the perfect settings to edit brightness, contrast, and saturation of her videos. Friend can also learn around adding a glitch impact to gain a computerized matrix look on your video, include text, and also even change the playback speed.

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We hope this guide helped girlfriend easily use the sort of zoom result you require for your footage in Videoleap. If you operation into any issues or have any questions because that us, feel free to reach out using the comments ar below.