I am sure you have heard something about the law of attraction, one of the best known universal laws, especially after the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrnes was published. Millions of people seem to have discovered it, wanting to know more about this elusive secret.However, the secret is actually simple: you attract what you are.Now, what does this mean and how can you apply the law of attraction in your life? Before I explain this to you, it is important that you know that this law is only one of several universal laws. So maybe you can understand why you can question whether or not the law works, as it works with other laws, too. What I mean is that the Law of Attraction is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Well, now, what is the law of attraction?What this law explains is that things of similar nature are attracted to themselves by a matter of frequency similarity. That's why you attract what you are. You are happy? You will tend to attract more happiness. You are joyful? You will tend to attract more joy to yourself.This concept applies to all things in the Universe, so it also applies to your thoughts. Thoughts are energy and this is attracted to those things with a similar vibrational frequency as well.In general, you attract to your reality what you think and feel intensely about (emotions are also energy).


Do you remember that I told you above that the law of attraction is only one of a series of universal laws? Well, this is when it would be useful to know that the law of attraction works in conjunction with the law of vibration, which states that everything in the Universe is vibrating at a particular frequency.At all times, through your thoughts, words, actions, and emotions, you are sending energy frequencies that attract manifestations to your reality within the same frequencies you emit. You are always attracting something to your life. The Universe is always responding.Therefore, it is important that you be aware and learn to resonate with what you want to manifest in your life and not with what you feel doubt, fear, hate or whatever you feel dislike, as you will attract those things.Now, the Law of Attraction Can be a great tool to find love if used in the right way. Want to know why? Keep reading!


From time to time, we may feel unloved as a result of many factors at play.We feel unattractive, we feel vulnerable and we blame ourselves. Sometimes, in our quest to find our only true love, we feel the need to talk to the psychic readers of love to make sure our choices are aligned with the way they see it.But the truth is that, regardless of the situation, it always improves. Today, we will give you 5 exercises that will be useful to attract love around you through the Law of Attraction. Take note and practice them!


How to send love telepathically?Follow these simple steps if you want to send love telepathically:Go to the state of relaxation: if you meditate, you will know how to achieve that state of mental relaxation immediately. Lie in bed or sit in the meditative state. Inhale and exhale slowly counting to five and repeat until you feel at ease.Try to focus on the person you want to send your love to. In your mind, you should know that you are practicing love telepathy. Keep that feeling in your heart and let it grow. Now feel your emotions like energy. Imagine that energy has found a way and moves from you to your loved one inflow.The initial stage requires at least 10 minutes until that person receives your signals. It is not something you can achieve in a single day, even reaching that relaxed state of mind requires a lot of practice and concentration.When you start sending your love telepathically and others initiate to receive it, you will know for sure. You will feel that energy has begun to flow from you to them. You will feel the automatic connection between you two.This is the era of modern communication; It is possible that when you start sending your love, you receive a call from your loved one saying that he/she could not stop thinking about you. Try telepathy with love and enjoy the results you get.


To know what telepathic love is, you must first know what telepathy is. Telepathy is the communication of thoughts, feelings or ideas, using only your mind. When you send love through this method, it is known as love telepathy.The most important thing you should know about telepathy in love is that you must have faith that your recipient will receive the message. Also, to send your love, it is important that you also love yourself; because you can't share something you don't have.

The possibility of being able to communicate with other people is a very successful theory, as we have seen throughout this article. Now, what if I tell you that you can appear in the dreams of your loved one? Keep reading to discover this technique!

How will you do it?It all consists in developing our own abilities: we must not forget that we are energetic and light beings, that there is no wall or something that stops our spiritual strength, the mind is proof of it, you can achieve everything you want if you start using your Mind for your benefit.An admirable way to communicate with other people by linking our energies is through sleep. To achieve this you will exercise in two parts:The first is with a friend, someone who wishes to share your experiment and with whom you will agree to start developing that dream telepathic faculty.The second is when you have mastered the first and begin to notice that your dream telepathic capacity is developing and you will make contact with those who have not agreed, which in this case, might be your crush or love.Once you have trained the power of concentration and your mind, you will begin to meditate and begin to locate the person with whom you want to share the dreams, you will begin to focus all the energy on it, close your eyes, think about where they are, imagine all their energy and then you will think about the color white, purity. You will bring the person to a neutral stage and you will get carried away by sleep, try to let yourself sleep but without losing concentration. This way you will begin to connect with the other person's dreams and you will be able to have appeared in them.

Making someone think of you is not easy, because it involves changing their tastes and interests and redirecting them to you. Therefore, it may be useful to ask the forces of the universe for help. Today, we explain how to do it.Before wanting someone to think of you, you should be sure of what you want and have to offer to them.It would not be unusual for you to achieve your goal, that is, for that person to really think of you, without first giving them something to think about.It is useless to seek to carry out these techniques with people who do not know you because they simply will not be aware that they think of you.

Now, the best way to make someone think of you is to take five or six minutes a day, both in the morning and at night. The schedule doesn't matter so much, but be regular in practice.Find a comfortable place where nobody bothers you. Concentrate, close your eyes and imagine that you have that person sitting in front of you. Talk to him. It doesn't have to be loud. You can talk to him mentally.With a couple of exercises, you will begin to notice that the person you imagine begins to manifest their own independent behavior, they will even ask you questions or answer your questions.If you reach that point you will have achieved a mental connection. The rest is simple. Remind him that you exist and he won't help thinking about you from time to time.

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If you wish to attract someone you like very much with the power of your mind and the universe. We have the perfect mental exercise for you. Here it is:You have to sit with the picture of the person you wish to attract in your hands, in a quiet place where nobody bothers you. Look at the picture, especially the part of the person's eyes, and when you close your eyes and imagine that person looking for you, thinking of you. In your imagination, you both will have a pleasant conversation and you will notice how this person feels more and more at ease with you.Repeat this visualization several times a day, it is very important that you believe that all this is real and that it is really happening while you imagine it. Here you put into operation the power of your mind and in this way, the other person will pick up the message unconsciously. Next time you see them, they will come right at you!

Maybe you have felt that there is a very close person who needs help, but it is difficult to talk or approach, or maybe you are fighting with that someone, in this case, your loved one. Now you don’t have to worry! you can access their mind with a simple exercise. First, you must be emotionally stable and dominate your mind to be able to concentrate mentally, otherwise, you will hardly obtain results.To start, you have to do this exercise at the time that the person is resting. Do it in the early morning one day during the week and I assure you that they will be sleeping.Imagine as clearly as possible that you are sitting in front of them and after concentrating on it perfectly, direct the thoughts you want to print in their mind with very clear images. It is not about mastering the will of that person but about presenting ideas to stimulate correct judgment and encourage healthy habits.Then, go to sleep. In this way, you will now that your message has reached the other.

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Now that you know how to reach the person you like from the peace of your home, what are you waiting for? Get that mind started and use all of our psychic techniques to attract someone! I hope it works for you!