If you regularly play gamings on pc you'll have probably noticed that aiming v a PS4 controller is fairly difficult. Fortunately, some games let friend play with 'just' a keyboard and also mouse. In this article, I'll describe how to execute this and also what to look the end for.

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A PS4, PS4 Slim, or PS4 ProA PS4 controllerA USB (gaming) mouseA USB (gaming) keyboardA game with integrated support because that keyboard and also mouse inputOptional: a USB hub*

*Since a PS4 agree only has actually 3 USB ports, a USB hub offers you the option of simultaneously using your wireless USB headset and/or USB record card for example.


The PS4 has a variety of games that offer full support because that keyboard and mouse. In these games, you\"re guaranteed to be able to use your mouse and also keyboard. Not all games offer this support, though. Through these games, it may not occupational smoothly (because these gamings simulate \"controller input\") or her mouse and keyboard might not be well-known at all.

A number of games with full support:

Fortnite battle Royale (Now your negative friends won\"t have to build versus PC football player anymore).War ThunderFinal Fantasy 14Paragon

Step 1: switch on your PS4 and log in to your PlayStation account through your controller.Step 2: affix your mouse and also keyboard to her PS4 (or attach them to the USB hub and also connect the hub to her PS4).

Step 3: test whether your key-board works through navigating v your PS4 menu with the arrows.Step 3.5: Is your keyboard not working? climate you may need to put your keyboard in the so-called BIOS mode. This will certainly bypass the vehicle drivers that don\"t occupational on PS4. V my Corsair keyboard, you execute this through simultaneously pressing the F1 and also the windows lock switch for 4 to 5 seconds. Did that work? In that case, her Num Lock light will be blinking.

Step 4: fill your game and also show your enemies that lock aren\"t safe from the so-called \"PC understand race\" top top PS4 either.

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