Did friend accidentally thumbs down a song on Pandora? take it a breath, you can undo a Pandora thumbs down quickly so the you can keep listening that track in the future.

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We can’t display you just how to acquire that track back immediately so the you deserve to listen to her favorite, but this short guide will display you exactly how to cancel thumbs under on Pandora once you accidentally call the company that girlfriend don’t desire to listen to that song and that you don’t like it.

When you thumbs down a song on Pandora you are telling the organization to skip the monitor now, and also that you don’t prefer it. This will affect the song played on her station. After friend thumbs down a track it have to not pat on the terminal again. This is why you may want come undo a thumbs down. If you only want to stop hearing a song for a quick time, you deserve to click I’m worn down of this track.

You don’t require Pandora One for this to work. If you want to adjust a thumbs under on Pandora you deserve to do this in the application or top top the web. You deserve to undo a thumbs down on Pandora best after you tap ~ above the thumbs down, or long after if your musical tastes adjust and you want to solve a station.

\" data-image-caption=\"Swipe ago to cancel Pandora thumbs down crashes quickly.

\" data-medium-file=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/delete-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-300x267.jpg\" data-large-file=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/delete-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-720x640.jpg\" loading=\"lazy\" class=\"size-large wp-image-285986\" src=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/delete-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-620x551.jpg\" alt=\"Swipe ago to cancel Pandora thumbs down mishaps quickly. \" width=\"620\" height=\"551\" />

Swipe back to cancel Pandora thumbs down mishaps quickly.

If friend accidentally press thumbs down on a monitor you can easily swipe ago to that tune on the internet or on the app to see a thumbs down. Tap top top thumbs down to undo that choice, or tap on thumbs increase if you choose the track. If you need to make this adjust on one older song you will need to go to the station alternatives on the internet or on the app.

\" data-image-caption=\"Tap to check out your Pandora thumbs down background in the app.

\" data-medium-file=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/Undo-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-300x267.jpg\" data-large-file=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/Undo-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-720x640.jpg\" loading=\"lazy\" class=\"size-large wp-image-285985\" src=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/Undo-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-620x551.jpg\" alt=\"Tap to watch your Pandora thumbs down history in the app.\" width=\"620\" height=\"551\" />

Tap to watch your Pandora thumbs down background in the app.

On the Pandora app you deserve to tap on the top right corner on the thumbs up icon. This will present you the terminal details so the you have the right to see her thumbs up and thumbs under history.

On this display screen you will see a listing of thumbs down and thumbs up alternatives at the height of the app. Tap ~ above the thumbs down symbol to see your thumbs down background for that station. You have the right to see this in the picture above. You can tap the thumbs up option to check out that history and make any kind of corrections.

\" data-image-caption=\"Delete Pandora thumbs down choices you coincidentally made.

\" data-medium-file=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/Undo-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-History-300x267.jpg\" data-large-file=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/Undo-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-History-720x640.jpg\" loading=\"lazy\" class=\"size-large wp-image-285984\" src=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/Undo-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-History-620x551.jpg\" alt=\"Delete Pandora thumbs down options you coincidentally made. \" width=\"620\" height=\"551\" />

Delete Pandora thumbs down selections you coincidentally made.

On the next display screen you will see the thumbs down choices you make on a Pandora station. Tap top top a title to see information around that title and an alternative to provide it a thumbs up. If you prefer the monitor this may be your best option, however you can likewise just delete the Pandora thumbs down.

If you on slide the location of the song right to left girlfriend will see a delete option. Tap ~ above delete to eliminate the Pandora thumbs under and permit the song back on to your station.

\" data-image-caption=\"Choose station options to see Pandora thumbs down history.

\" data-medium-file=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/Deleta-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-300x152.jpg\" data-large-file=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/Deleta-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-720x364.jpg\" loading=\"lazy\" class=\"size-large wp-image-285988\" src=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/Deleta-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-620x313.jpg\" alt=\"Choose station alternatives to watch Pandora thumbs down history.\" width=\"620\" height=\"313\" />

Choose station choices to watch Pandora thumbs under history.

This is the same basic practice ~ above the iPhone and on Android. If you are using the net you should sign in to Pandora. If you simply hit thumbs down you can go ago over the album cover and also tap on thumbs up to thumbs increase or top top thumbs under again come cancel the Pandora thumbs down.

\" data-image-caption=\"\" data-medium-file=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/Undo-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-Web-300x272.jpg\" data-large-file=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/Undo-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-Web.jpg\" loading=\"lazy\" class=\"size-large wp-image-285987\" src=\"https://www.rwandachamber.org/wp-content/uploads/Undo-Pandora-Thumbs-Down-Web-620x561.jpg\" alt=\"Click the x come delete a Pandora thumbs down.\" width=\"620\" height=\"561\" />Click the x to delete a Pandora thumbs down.

If you want to watch the history, click on a Station and also then top top Options. You will now see a list of Pandora thumbs under tracks. You have the right to click the X next to a monitor to drown a Pandora thumbs down on that track. Once you delete a Pandora thumbs under it will only delete the on that station, therefore you might need to repeat if friend tapped thumbs under on the same track top top a comparable station.

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That’s every you have to do to undo a Pandora thumbs down. You can additionally choose I’m worn down of listening come this track to take a break without saying you don’t choose this song.