The Reddit improvement Suite is available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Think you can live without it? below are few of the many game-changing features that will certainly convince friend to download it pronto.

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If you use Reddit on a consistent basis, there"s one internet browser extension the you absolutely should install best away: Reddit improvement Suite (RES). That adds countless new features and also improvements come the site -- as soon as you begin using it, you"ll never go back.

Why carry out I use it? since it allows me to filter the end a the majority of negativity and also it allows me browse Reddit productively (yes, it"s really feasible to be fertile on Reddit). But the RES extension is valuable for method more than just that.

Download Now: Reddit enhancement Suite (Free)

The RES expansion is obtainable on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and also Safari. Think you deserve to live without it? right here are several of the many game-changing attributes that will certainly convince girlfriend to install it pronto.

1. You deserve to Filter out Content through RES

The most useful and important function in the Reddit enhancement Suite, at least in mine experience, is the ability to filter out particular subreddits from arriving on the former page and also the all page.

open up the setups console. Navigate come the Subreddits section. Navigate come the filteReddit feature.

here you can add your very own filters. Keywords and also subreddit names space the most generally used, which will hide articles that contain stated keywords and also posts the belong to the filtered subreddits.

This RES feature is really valuable for prevent things like political spam (e.g. Trump, Sanders, etc.) and also annoying contents (e.g. Meme-heavy subreddits like /r/youdontsurf and /r/wheredidthesodago).

A neat cheat is to float over a subreddit"s surname on the all page, which bring up a popup box that you have the right to use to add that subreddit to her filter perform in just one click.

2. RES have the right to Block NSFW Content

while Reddit has a integrated preference the asks if you want to view NSFW content, it"s not the finest at filtering it every out. That why you require the improvement Suite"s NSFW filter feature.

open the setups console. Navigate to the Subreddits section. Navigate to the filteReddit feature.

Toggle the very very first option, referred to as NSFWfilter, to ON and also that"s every you have to do. Now all posts and subreddits labelled NSFW will instantly be hidden while browsing.

Why would you need this feature? A many of civilization use the so they have the right to Reddit at work without having to worry about inappropriate thumbnails and what not. Others use it as a means to aid overcome and defeat porn addiction.

an unified with subreddit filtering, this attribute is superb.

3. Friend Can Use RES to Show Images/Videos

among the more nifty attributes is the ability to open and display images/videos best on the page without having actually to open a brand-new tab or visit the direct attach to the image/video itself.

open the settings console. Navigate come the looking section. Navigate come the Inline photo Viewer feature.

through default, this attribute is enabled. Here"s what it looks like:

This provides it therefore much less complicated to browse v the Front page or the All web page or any kind of individual subreddit together you don"t need to waste time opening up tabs or navigating earlier and forth. Click to open, view the media, click to close, done.

4. You deserve to Switch between Reddit Accounts

there are countless reasons why you"d want to juggle several various Reddit accounts. Because that me, I have actually three of lock that space split between my three key interests: writing, photography, and gaming. But with throwaway accounts and novelty accounts, that number deserve to shoot ideal up.

Fortunately, the enhancement Suite has actually an account switcher so friend never need to track any kind of of this yourself. You go into each account/password mix and you deserve to switch in between them with a dropdown menu.

open the settings console. Navigate come the mine Account section. Navigate come the Account Switcher feature.

As far as i know, there"s no border to how plenty of accounts you deserve to keep stored.

5. RES has Keyboard Shortcuts

Another big thing around the improvement Suite is that it has actually keyboard shortcuts for rapid actions and navigation. Because that example, through default you can press the A vital to upvote a write-up or the Z crucial to downvote a post.

These key-board shortcuts have the right to come in handy when a subreddit tries to hide the upvote/downvote buttons through CSS styling.

other shortcuts exist because that things favor jumping from post to short article or comment come comment, relocating to the height or bottom of a thread, widening or collapsing inline images and also videos, quick navigation to the Front web page or All web page or your inbox, etc.

All key-board shortcuts space customizable.

6. You can Tag Reddit users (With Notes)

What i don"t like around Reddit is how everyone is essentially anonymous. The ar is so huge -- there space over 36 million user accounts -- the names don"t yes, really stick out. That"s why I like the user tagging feature.

In essence, friend can develop custom sign on users and use lock as tiny notes to remind yourself of who this user is and also what they"ve done. If they"re yes, really mean, write "Jerk". If they"re kind and also helpful, create "Awesome". If they"re an excellent with Linux, compose "Ubuntu expert".

The attribute is on by default however you have the right to toggle the by:

open up the settings console. Navigate to the users section. Navigate come the User Tagger feature.

There"s an additional feature, called User Highlighter, that tags users based upon their relationship to the current thread: thread authors room tagged blue, subreddit moderators are tagged green, and site administrators space tagged red.

7. RES Tracks brand-new Comments in Threads

If you just browse the Front web page or All page of Reddit, climate you more than likely only visit every thread once: you examine out whatever content was linked, then browse the comment a bit, then relocate onto the next thread.

however if you"re an energetic participant in a smaller, tighter-knit subreddit, then you probably check into separation, personal, instance threads multiple times. Fortunately, the improvement Suite deserve to tell you when a thread has brand-new activity.

open the setups console. Navigate come the Submissions section. Navigate come the New Comment Count feature.

8. You have the right to Subscribe to Reddit Threads

comparable to the new comment tracking feature is the capacity to subscribe to Reddit threads and notify girlfriend when brand-new comments room made. This is the much better option if you specifically want to track all of the discussions in a particular thread.

i don"t usage this RES feature nearly as often as ns should, but the few times I"ve provided it, it has actually really come in handy. In any kind of thread, click the Subscribe button. That"s it.

9. RES deserve to Disable subreddit Themes

Hop into any type of popular subreddit and also you"ll probably uncover that it"s highly themed. Game-related subreddits room colored to complement the video game itself, politics subreddits complement their candidates, device subreddits match their gadgets, and so forth.

A the majority of these themes are exciting at very first but quickly lose their appeal top top repeat visits. Some are simply poorly designed, do it difficult to browse and also read people"s posts. The improvement Suite makes it straightforward to rectify this.

v the extension installed, every subreddit has actually a checkbox in the sidebar labelled Use subreddit style. As soon as girlfriend uncheck it, that subreddit"s layout disappears and you gain the constant Reddit theme.

The extension also provides a Night mode option the you have the right to toggle in the setups dropdown menu, which turns all of Reddit right into a dark gray.

10. RES has actually Never-Ending web page Loads

The last attribute I desire to highlight will most likely kill your performance if girlfriend aren"t careful about it, however it really renders browsing Reddit lot easier: the never-ending web page load. No an ext having come click following Page! just keep scrolling.

This is another default feature, yet you deserve to disable it:

open the settings console. Navigate to the searching section. Navigate come the Never finishing Reddit feature.

You can also readjust if it auto-loads the following page or if you need to manually click to pack it.

The enhancement Suite Is just the Tip

If you take into consideration yourself a newbie to Reddit, examine out our quick crash food on the Reddit site. A lot of people try to prevent Reddit at all cost because they"ve heard exactly how toxic it deserve to be, however once you start using the improvement Suite, you"ll discover that Reddit isn"t constantly full the crap.

Download Now: Reddit enhancement Suite (Free)

Note that the RES extension is only one of countless ways to improve Reddit. There space a lot of other neat Reddit tricks and hacks you can use to do the site much more fun and friendly come use.

Do you usage the Reddit improvement Suite? Why or why not? If friend don"t use Reddit in ~ all, what room your reasons for that? We"d love to hear from friend in a comment down below!

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