There have been lot of threads online by Samsung users that they have actually been getting an error post that points to "Disabled through Administrator, encryption policy, or credential storage." This error is prone to occur when one make the efforts to adjust the lock screen method to swipe. Execute not worry around the issue, it have the right to be fixed easily. The below mentioned are a tested method that functions perfectly to eliminate the disability.

Why Is mine Lock display screen Disabled by The Administrator?

The error leading to "Disabled by Administrator, encryption policy, or credential storage" is susceptible to happen when device storage is encrypted by a user for security reasons. The encryption come the warehouse is prioritized by the Android Operating mechanism to block third-party access.

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How to deal with "Samsung s4 display screen lock swipe disabled through the administrator"

Method 1: rotate off every Unnecessary Administrators

The first and foremost priority we are discussing to resolve the issue is come disable all the undesirable administrator privileges. Doing so will obtain your phone back to normal. Follow the comprehensive steps carefully.

Unlock her Samsung S4 and open up the "Settings" application.Now, navigate to the "More" tab top top the screen for added settings.

On the "More" tab search and find because that an alternative that states "Security."

Once you are in the defense option, scroll down the lists, and also search for "Device Administrators."Now, once you tap v the device administrator, you will see a pair of applications. The applications that space in the list space those come which you have actually previously noted administrator privilege for securing them. Most of the third-party apps are the factor you are gaining such errors repeatedly.Now, you must tick-out the unnecessary applications from the list. In mine case, I had an NQ Vault applications on the list. It is basically picture and photograph hiding application that requires a lock display setup.

Method 2: tap "Encrypt Device" choice to Decrypt

Another reason causing the error could be due to the fact that of storage encryption. The function secures her data from outside misconduct. Thus, there is a high possibility that decrypting the device storage ago could solve the issue. Follow the guidelines come learn about the method.

Go to the "Settings" application on her phone.Now, tap come the "More" tab ~ above the display for additional settings.

Find "Security" settings from the list and tap on it.

Now, discover a setup that relates come an "Encryption" block. Now, click "Decrypt Device" options. The decryption will release all the system documents to normal, and also the worry will it is in resolved. Moreover, the image below is the one after ~ the maker has to be decrypted.

Also, if girlfriend have external storage attached come the device, shot the method by tapping "Decrypt exterior SD." The SD map might also cause a glitch between the solution that makes unavailability to permit screen lock type. Moreover, the image below is the one after the SD card has actually been decrypted.

Generally, the process might take it a while come decrypt. The decryption relies on the variety of files you have actually on the storage.

Method 3: remove All Certificates

As we are conscious that the error appears while stating credential storage; thus, over there is a high possibility of maintenance if we clear all the certifications that stay within the system. Follow the straightforward steps listed below to eliminate all certifications in security settings.

Open the "Settings" app.Go come "Security" settings.Scroll down the setups to the "Credential Storage" block.Now, top top the last line, you deserve to see an alternative that says, "Clear Credentials- remove all certificates."Click top top "Ok" for confirmation to remove all credentials.

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There have the right to be a situation that the above methods girlfriend performed might not resolve the issue regarding an error "Disabled by Administrator, encryption policy, or credential storage." Hence, the alternative solution girlfriend can shot out is to unlock the Samsung S4 display screen without entering a password if you acquire stuck in the lock screen. 4uKey for Android is a wonderful tool made for a factor to remove any type of sort the lock display screen on Samsung S4 there is no data loss. Follow the substantial steps listed below for an excellent idea.

Similarly, pick Remove Lock display screen without Data Loss. Click "Start" to start the procedure after you read the useful tips top top the 4uKey window.

Now, the software asks for an option and confirmation of your machine information. Make sure it is exactly to avoid any kind of damage.

Then this software program will download the data package in a few seconds.Next, manually go into your an equipment into download mode by complying with the on-screen guide. And also click Start once you end up it.

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Now, 4uKey begins to in march the progress percent to remove the display screen lock. Finally, after it hits 100%, you will watch a display that confirms the procedure has been completed, and the display screen lock has actually been properly removed.