Part 1: exactly how to screenshot Galaxy J5/J7/J2/J3 using buttons?

Just like any other Android smartphone, it is quite easy come take screenshot on Galaxy J collection phones as well. To start with, you can use the correct vital combinations and also capture the screen on her device. Prior to we teach you how to screenshot in Samsung J5, J7, J3, etc. The is vital to examine if the device’s buttons room working or not. Make certain that the Home and also the Power switch are functioning prior to taking a screenshot. Afterward, merely follow these basic steps.

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1.Unlock your smartphone and also open the screen that you wish to capture.2.Now, press the Home and the Power switch at the very same time.3.You will certainly hear a flash sound and also the screen will vibrate together your phone will certainly take a screenshot.

Ideally, the is necessary to note that both the buttons (Home and Power) need to be pressed at the very same time. Additionally, one should hold them for a few seconds together the screenshot would be taken.

Part 2: exactly how to screenshot in Galaxy J5/J7/J2/J3 v palm-swipe gesture?

To make it much easier for its individuals to take it a screenshot on their Galaxy devices, Samsung has come up v a clever solution. Making use of its palm-swipe gesture, you can take a screenshot there is no pressing any button. Too plenty of times, users discover it tough to press both the buttons in ~ the very same time. Therefore, in this technique, every you should do is swipe her palm in one direction to take a screenshot. The gesture controls were originally introduced in the Galaxy S series and later implemented in the J series devices as well. To learn how to screenshot in Samsung J5, J7, J3, and also other comparable smartphones, follow this steps:

1.Firstly, you need to turn on the feature of palm swipe gesture on your device. To carry out this, walk to its settings > Motions and Gestures and turn ~ above the option of “palm swipe come capture”.2.If you room using one older version of Android, then you need to visit setups > progressed features to discover the alternative of “Palm swipe to capture”. Insanity it and also turn the attribute on.

3.Great! currently you can catch the screenshot on your an equipment by just swiping her palm in one direction. Just open the display you great to capture and swipe your palm native one next to another by maintaining a contact with the screen.

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That’s it! once the gesture is completed, your phone will instantly take a screenshot on her device. You would hear a flash sound and also the display will blink, illustrating that the screenshot has actually been taken.