Recently numerous of our mobile phones include advantageous features choose the capacity to shoot a screenshot. Making use of a display screen screen size of 5″ and also a resolution of 480 x 854px, the LG K7 indigenous LG provides to document high quality pictures of the finest instant of her life.

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simply for a screenshot of well known apps choose WhatsApp, Wechat , Instagram,… or because that one text message, the task of taking screenshot on the LG K7 working through Android 5.0 Lollipop is definitely extremely simple. The reality is, you have actually the option in between two an easy methods. The an initial one takes advantage of the an easy items of your LG K7. The second process will make you usage a third-party apps, accredited, to produce a screenshot on her LG K7. Let’s watch the an initial method

The right means to make a manual screenshot of your LG K7

Look in ~ the display screen that you’d choose to record


Press in unison the Power and also Volum under keyYour remarkable LG K7 just realized a screenshoot the the display

However, if your LG K7 carry out not have actually home button, the an approach is the following:

Press in unison the Power and also Home keyYour LG K7 quickly took a superb screenshot that you can send by mail or society media.


If you are the owner of one LG smartphone, such as the LG K7 the POWER an essential is situated on the back of the device. In this case, press POWER and VOLUME DOWN.

How to take it a screenshot of her LG K7 by using third party apps

If possibly you desire to catch screenshoots thanks to third party apps on your LG K7, it’s possible!! we picked for you a couple of top notch apps that you’re able to install. You perform not need to be source or part questionable tricks. Install these apps on your LG K7 and capture screenshots!

Bonus: In the case that you can upgrade your LG K7 to Android 9 (Android Pie), the method of do a screenshot on her LG K7 has actually become way more pain-free. Google make the decision to shorten the procedure in this way:

Hold on tight the power button of your LG K7 ideal until you discover out a pop-up food selection on the left the your display screen orGo come the screen you choose to to shoot, swipe down the notice bar to endure the display screen down below.


Tick Screenshot and also voila!


Right now, the screenshot taken v your LG K7 is kept on a distinctive folder.

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Go to your Photos gallery (Pictures)You have a folder called Screenshot

Following that, girlfriend will have the ability to publish screenshots realized on your LG K7.