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The center icon with a little pencil lets you easily edit the screenshot, chop the size and also dimensions the the image, annotate the photo with digital doodles, and erase perhaps sensitive information and data. As soon as edited, madness the downward-pointing arrow on the right side of the toolbar to save the last image.

There’s also a hashtag icon for giving your screenshot a tag (like #family or #puppy, because that example) to make it less complicated to sort and find later, plus a share icon for sending out the image via text message, email, chat apps, and also other services.

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Go come Settings > Advanced Features to permit or disable the Palm Swipe come Capture option. Tap Screenshots and also screen recorder to change additional settings, prefer the default format for screenshots.

The actions are the very same as the Samsung A51. Press Power+volume down, swipe your hand across the display horizontally, or call Bixby come “Take a screenshot.”