You might not know whatever you see on your Moto G screen, you have the right to share them through your friend or family members. This contains web pages, home screen, apps screen, pat list, game achievements….

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Of course, it is just the screenshot, no the video clip file, or the application itself.

Taking screenshot on Moto G is actually really easy.

You execute not need any type of apps.

Actually many screen capture apps need a rooted phone. So, don’t consider any apps to take it screenshot on Moto G.

You do not need ADB, which needs a USB connection to a computer for your Moto G. plenty of developers and Android geeks favor to use this heavy tool.

To take screenshot on Moto G, you deserve to simply press and hold both the Power and Volume down an essential for about three seconds. You will certainly hear the camera shutter click. Then, the screenshot is saved into your Gallery.

The trick is to press and also hold the two buttons (see Moto G layout here) simultaneously.

If you push power switch too early, friend will obtain power options.

If you push power switch too late, friend will gain volume options.

You can examine the screenshot taken in Apps— GalleryScreenshots.

If you want, you can edit the screenshot in Moto G. The screenshot is just a normal image file.

You can also use any record explorer (e.g., ES paper Explorer) to accessibility individual screenshot files directly. Every Moto G screenshot records are conserved in the /sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots folder.

Is it an extremely simple? This technique of taking screenshot is native to every Android phones. For this reason if you have actually other Android phones, you can try this technique to take screenshot next time.

It should work.

If friend have any kind of questions on catching screen because that Moto G, you re welcome let us recognize in the comment box below.

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