City electrical Supply is a family-owned electrical wholesale business dedicated to offering the best service and also support because that customers in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets since 1983. Learn an ext about us.

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Summer"s Worst Enemy.

your wallet"s best friend. Ventamatic fans currently 5% off.



Wet to dried in 12 seconds or less.

your hands. Air speed up to 42 0mph. You perform the math.


Coldest summer top top record.

Super-absorbent, heat-beating technology in every Klein device Cooling Towel.

require a lift?

Aladdin"s motorized lift device makes it easy to clean and adjust bulbs with the push of a button.

win to be Wild

knife a entry to win among three Kawaksaki Brute Force® 300s because that every 3.65kW the REC solar panels friend buy indigenous CES!

Ends respectable 1, 2021

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Last Revised: 05/2021

Return Policy

This Return plan only applies to products purchased on and also returned come CES digital by the original purchaser.

No-Hassle returns

Except as otherwise explained below, if you are not to solve for any type of reason, products may be went back within 30 job of shipment for a full credit or exchange (if the product is undamaged, unopened, unused, unaltered, and also untampered). Once you make your return, you’ll must note credit or exchange. Went back items need to be in the original packaging and also receive former Return Authorization (“RA”) native CES.

Return Freight

CES will certainly pay the freight for commodities you return if the total return worth is an ext than $75; provided, the return must be approved v a RA and also meet every other problems of CES’s return policy. Specific exclusions may apply. Nevertheless of the total value, you will certainly be responsible for paying the return shipping for any type of returnable assets that have actually a packaged size of end 4 feet (for example, pipeline products).

Non-Refundable items

We have actually the best to reject returns or refunds of any products at our discretion the (i) have been set up and/or energized, (ii) we specially stock or order because that you, (iii) space not conveniently saleable, (iv) are on revenue or clearance, or (v) are figured out as non-cancellable or non-refundable, i m sorry includes however is not minimal to, and without such specific reference, cable cuts, and also solar pv modules. Her purchases of this items space final.

call Customer organization

You can call our Customer service Department at 1.866.634.9853 to aid walk you with the return process. Our customer service hours are Monday with Friday from 8:00 to be to 5:00 afternoon (CT).

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encompass Order check

Include a copy the the initial order check or pack slip v your RA paperwork together proof of purchase. Returns received at CES there is no correct documentation might be assessed a 15% handling fee that will certainly be deducted from any kind of credit due. Returned assets that are received by CES without RA or other required documentation may reason delays in processing your return and are subject to rejection and return without credit.