If you’re new to wigs or haven’t had the rwandachamber.orgnfidence to try styling your wig, you might be wondering how to straighten a wig. A question we often hear is, ‘can you use heat on synthetic wigs?’

The benefits of straightened hair include:

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the benefits ofstraightened hair with a wig. Follow our tips below to help you get theperfectly glossy finish without causing irreversible damage.

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How to Straighten a Human Hair Wig

If your wig is made from human hair, you can treat it much the same as you would any human hair. This means you can straighten it using the following methods:


Hair straighteners

Remember to apply heat defence spray before clipping your wig into sections. Then use your hair straighteners of choice to gently glide through the hair, straightening one section at a time.


A similar method is often used in the hairdressers. After you have washed your wig or when it has been wetted, blow-dry until it is 90% dry. Then clip into sections and use a round brush and hairdryer to blow-dry the hair straight. You can even curve the hair inwards slightly for an extra sleek finish.

Unlike human hair wigs, synthetic wig fibres aren’t able to tolerate the high levels of heat produced by hair straighteners. Unless you have a heat resistant wig, straightening a synthetic wig with a hair straightener will cause irreversible damage to the hair fibres.

To make sure you are doing all you can to protect your synthetic wig, make sure you are using the rwandachamber.orgrrect products by reading our blog post on choosing the right styling products for synthetic wigs.


How toStraighten a Synthetic Wig

If your synthetic wig is not heat resistant and it’s important to you to have the option of straight hair, rwandachamber.orgnsider buying a straight wig to avoid damaging your current wig. Heat applied to synthetic wigs can result in singeing and melting the hair which can be an expensive mistake to rwandachamber.orgrrect! If you would prefer to attempt straightening the wig you already have, there are a few tips that we have been given from our customers, to help you achieve this:


Warm water bath

Brush your wig while dry and gently place it in the sink or bath and boil a pan of water to between 160 and 180 degrees. Pour the water over the wig but be careful not to brush it while wet as this can cause damage. Allow the wig to air-dry straight.


Either use steam from an enclosed shower room, gently brushing waves out of the wig or use a steamer on a low heat setting.

Blow Dry Straight

Again, be careful to keep the heat setting low and use a round brush to gently pull any waves or kinks out of the wig while blow-drying. This is most effective if the wig is clipped into smaller sections to work with.

We hope you feel more rwandachamber.orgnfident when it rwandachamber.orgmes to knowing howto straighten your wig. For more tips on styling your wig, check out TheUltimate Guide to Wig Styling.

Do you have any tips?

We would LOVE to hear any tips that have been tried and tested by you, even if it ended in disaster! Just let us know in the rwandachamber.orgmments section below.

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