Spelling that Satellite: Satellite is order s-a-t-e-l-l-i-t-e. Don’t forget there are two “-l’s”!

Definition the Satellite: A satellite is an item or vehicle designed to orbit the earth, the moon, or some various other celestial body and is supplied to relay radio signals or capture images. It may also refer to a tiny unit within a bigger system the is managed or regulated by a centrally-located human body or unit.

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Pronunciation the Satellite: Satellite is express sat-el-lite.

How to use Satellite in a Sentence

What walk satellite mean? In most cases, satellite is supplied as a noun. The most typical use of the word is as things that orbits a earth or some other celestial body. Most of these types of satellites are used to reflect a signal.

For example,

The photos of the earth were sent out by the satellite.Meteorologists use satellites to assist them guess the weather.

A satellite can also describe things or human that is lesser in size or authority than the unit or human body commanding it.

We have one key campus and also two satellite

Sometimes, satellite functions as an adjective describing miscellaneous of or related to a satellite, or come the relay that electromagnetic signals by interactions satellites.

For example,

The car’s master computer connects everything from the engine parts to the to chat systems and satellite.His just option was to try to make call using the satellite.

Phrases That use Satellite

Satellite is provided alongside countless nouns to describe the details technology form or position, though there space really no usual phrases or idioms in which words is used.

Satellite Imagery: any type of photographs take away by satellites.

History & Etymology the Satellite

Merriam-Webster’s place its first use sometime in 1548. It originates from Old French, native the Latin indigenous satelles, satellit-, which supposed “armed guard” or “bodyguard” or “attendant.”

If us go back far enough, the Latin word source from the Etruscan native zaθilaθ, which describes the human who carries or strikes through an axe.

Synonyms because that Satellite

The appropriate synonym counts upon the form of satellite about i beg your pardon one is speaking.

When introduce to a kind of man-made body put in orbit, the following synonyms can be used,

Space stationSpace capsuleSpacecraft

In astronomy, once talking about a celestial body that orbits another planet, the following could be used,

MoonSecondary planet

When introduce to a unit or individual the is dependent top top a larger unit or organization, the complying with words are feasible synonyms:


Outside examples of Satellite


Satellite can be supplied as both a noun and also adjective.

Generally, that refers to things or body the is controlled by or dependent top top a larger, much more powerful unit.

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When used as an adjective, it defines something the is ~ above the periphery or a kind of technology.