The people of Unturned is pretty reality – except zombies, the course. This touch the realism permits you to obtain all species of vehicles, consisting of cars, bikes, planes, helicopters, and more. If you great to obtain or already have a helicopter but don’t know how to fly it, we’re below to help.

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To begin flying, obtain in the helicopter, push the “W” switch on your keyboard and also hold it.
To paris faster, tilt the helicopter’s nose down. To fly slower, raise it up.
If you want to land, make sure you have some ground listed below you. Then, press and also hold the “S” button. Diminish the power when the helicopter is near the ground, otherwise, you will certainly crash.

Where do I obtain a Blowtorch in Unturned?

A blowtorch is critical item because that flying. Friend can’t handmade it, however it deserve to be found at gas stations and garages. Blowtorches aren’t common, though, so girlfriend may have to spend part time searching for one. If you wish to save your time for something much more exciting, use the “
give 76” command come instantly generate a blowtorch.


Fly v Friends

Helicopters surely add a lot of fun to the video game – particularly considering that you don’t necessarily need to buy them or search for them, but can use cheats come instantly gain one instead. Helicopters in Unturned fit 4 or more people depending on the type, therefore there’s a location for your whole team! If you’re searching for a much faster aircraft, take into consideration acquiring a airplane – similar to helicopters, they can be found at military bases or spawned utilizing cheats.

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