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Damp rag protects joints

Wet and also wring out a 2-in.-wide strip of cloth and also wrap it approximately the fitting you desire to protect. The wet rag absorbs the heat and prevents the solder in the existing share from melting.

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Torch tip

Lead-free solder melts in ~ a greater temperature 보다 the now-banned lead-based solder. MAPP gas torches burn hotter 보다 propane, making lock a far better choice for modern-day solder. 5 to 10 seconds of heating through a MAPP gas torch is all that’s required prior to you have the right to feed solder right into most 1/2- come 3/4-in. Pipes and fittings. Be careful, though. It’s much easier to overheat a joint v MAPP gas. If the flux transforms black and the solder won’t circulation into the fitting, the joint is overheated.

Avoid fires

Don’t solder near to timber or various other flammable material without protecting it from the flame.

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Flame protector

These tiny flame-retardant blankets are obtainable at hardware stores and also home centers. You cave one behind the joint you’re working on to insulate the flammable material and help prevent fires. In a pinch you could use a item of sheet metal instead. Wetting the area around the soldering task with a spray party of water additionally helps avoid fires. Save a fire extinguisher handy as a precaution.