Capturing a screenshot is really quick and also requires fewer efforts yet there are various ways to capture a screenshot in the brand-new Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 20 and also Note 20 Ultra.

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You can record a screenshot while making use of the device and write on, draw on, crop, or share the recorded screen. Screenshots allows you to catch the existing screen and scrollable area.

And with the addition of its brand-new and enhanced S Pen ~ above Galaxy keep in mind 20 and Note 20 Ultra, friend will gain some extra functions to doodle top top the recorded screen.

Below you deserve to check every one of the options to record a screenshot varying from the traditional an essential pressing come the usage of S Pen ~ above the Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 20 devices.

Method 1: an essential capture

Press the Side crucial and the Volume Down key simultaneously.


Method 2: Palm Swipe capture

Swipe the sheet of her hand horizontally from appropriate to left or left come right, and also from edge to edge. Make certain your hand remains in call with the screen.

To use this feature, you first need come activate it from the settings, by walking to:

Settings > progressed features > Motions and also gestures > Palm swipe to capture > toggle the “Palm swipe to capture” alternative to permit it.


Method 3: wait command capture:

Detach the S Pen native the slot to open the wait command panel, and then tap display screen write. Pick the area indigenous the display to capture it. Additionally, you’ll have extra attributes to edit that screenshot or doodle on it with S Pen.



It is not possible to capture a screenshot while making use of some apps and features.If capturing a screenshot through swiping is no activated, start the setups app, tap progressed features → Motions and gestures, and then madness the Palm swipe to capture switch come activate it.


After recording a screenshot, usage the following choices on the screenshot toolbar in ~ the bottom that the screen:

Scroll Capture: madness the “Scroll Capture” to capture the present content and the covert content on one elongated page, such as a webpage. Once you tap, the screen will immediately scroll under and much more content will certainly be captured. You’ll call for to continue recording long content.Crop: create or attract on the screenshot or chop a part from the screenshot. You have the right to view the cropped area in the Gallery.Tag: add tags come the screenshot. To find for screenshots by tag, tap search at the height of the Apps screen. You have the right to view the tags list and also easily search for the screenshot friend want.Share: re-superstructure the screenshot v others. If the alternatives are no visible on the captured screen, start the setups app, tap progressed features → Screenshots and screen recorder, and then insanity the Screenshot toolbar move to activate it.

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Tip: You additionally have an option to activate or reactive the screenshot toolbar by going right into Settings > advanced features > Screenshots and also screen recorder > Screenshot toolbar > toggle the alternative to turn on or off.