ScreenshotsYou can capture screenshots on your an equipment using an equipment keys. Screenshots will certainly be duplicated to the clipboard and saved come the screenshot folder in the Gallery.Note: Screens and settings available may vary by wireless service provider and also software version.

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Capture a Screenshot

You can capture a screenshot by simultaneously pushing the Home
an essential and the Power/Lock vital on your maker until a white border flashes about the edges of the screen.

View a Screenshot

To see a screenshot immediately after you record it:
1. Open up the an alert Panel by swiping from the height of the display screen to the bottom.2. Touch Screenshot captured to open the screenshot.3. You can likewise quickly SHARE or DELETE the screenshot native the an alert Panel. If necessary, swipe down on Screenshot captured to access these options.To check out your screenshot at any time:1. Indigenous the house screen, touch Apps Apps Icon.2. Touch Gallery gallery Icon.3. Touch Time and also select Albums.4. Open up the Screenshots album.5. Touch the wanted screenshot.

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Screenshot Options

1. In the Screenshots album, touch the wanted screenshot.2. When viewing the screenshot, the following icons are obtainable at the bottom the the screen:• Share: re-superstructure the screenshot using among the obtainable options. Sharing choices vary based on applications installed and features rotate on.• Edit: modify the screenshot.• Delete: Delete the screenshot.3. Touch MORE for the following options:• Details: see details around the screenshot.• Slideshow: start a slideshow of the screenshot in the folder.• Set as call picture: collection the screenshot as a call photo.• Set together wallpaper: set the screenshot as Wallpaper. Select Home and lock screens, Home screen, or Lock screen.