I have actually always wondered just how to ask someone (choose my rwandachamber.org teacher) to tell me just how to say something in rwandachamber.org. For instance, I wanted to ask Kato Sensei exactly how to say "Please send me a photo via Instagram DM."... If I were to ask her in English, I would say, "How perform you say "Please send me a photo using Instagram DM" in rwandachamber.org?" But if I asked a perkid in rwandachamber.org "How perform you say 〜?" in English, that wouldn"t make feeling, I guess. So, my question to the rwandachamber.org masters out there: How carry out you say "How execute you say __ ?" in rwandachamber.org??Thank you, and I am eager for your replies!!

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asked Jan 16 "16 at 16:11

Isabel CynaraIsabel Cynara
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The basic pattern is:


To break points down a bit:

「something」は = the phrase日本語で = "in rwandachamber.org"何ですか = "is what?"

In this context, the で particle is offered to mean "in this language", like so:

英語で「犬」は何ですか。 What is "dog" in English?

Here"s an instance I remember seeing on rwandachamber.org-digital.com many years ago:

Jason: Kore wa Nihon-go de nan desu ka. What is this (item) in rwandachamber.org?

Yota: Nihon-go de sore wa "denwa" desu. In rwandachamber.org, that is a telephone.

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...and here"s the explacountry offered on that page:

Kore wa Nihon-go de nan desu ka.

This sentence suggests "What is it in rwandachamber.org?" or "How execute you say it in rwandachamber.org?" Words de is a ppost that signifies "in" as soon as referring to a language.

Therefore, Nihon-go de means "in rwandachamber.org". Words Nihon-go is a compound of the two words, Nihon and also go. Go indicates "language" and also as soon as added to the finish of a country name, it signifies the language of that nation.

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answered Jan 16 "16 at 17:09

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I"d personally usage...


For years, I used the...


But I had a rwandachamber.org aboriginal tell me it was more herbal to usage it with the verb 言う (polite create is 言います).

So, to break it dvery own, you"re literally asking "What is ~ dubbed in rwandachamber.org?" or "What carry out you say for ~ in rwandachamber.org?"

言う = to say

と = grammatically essential ppost offered with 言う to indicate a quotation. Think of it choose the "that" we usage in English to quote someone. (He said that he was hungry.)

You can still usage ~は日本語で何ですか?, of course. But I personally feel making use of the the verb 言う is more organic for rwandachamber.org. Choice is yours though. Either means, you"ll be understood.

If I"m not clear on anything, simply let me know. I periodically have actually trouble explaining, hah.

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answered Jan 16 "16 at 23:28

Miss LavelleMiss Lavelle
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