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(O-Si-Yo)Hello my inquiry is where execute I discover a book or knowledge on discovering Iroquoian Cherokee language


I’ve just discovered out through DNA test that i am 43% native American…..how execute I discover my tribe???


start in Mexico and follow your method down the line till you with panama!..these DNA company’s lump in all those Spanish speaking nations as a generalization come indigenous people to the continent of phibìc America.in the vast majority of situations It walk not median the n8tive American people of the unified States.

You recognize most those are fake or inaccurate I’m not sure but i check out ppl pertained to the team I’m in and get slaughtered as soon as they state that a DNA check is thier proff. But any kind of who it’s pretty lot on a people by tribe kinda group so it’s gonna be tough however i think the Cherokee Facebook group will search dang near everyone because that you they’ll assist you uncover what tribe

Hello. I have what may be one ignorant question, yet I’d favor to recognize the answer. ~ above the television series “Grizzly Adams” Nacoma (Don Shanks) would certainly greet Adams using a indigenous which sound something favor ‘shotazhi’. Ns don’t recognize to what tribe Nacoma was an alleged to have actually been a member and I’ve constantly wondered what that word means. I assumed it to be ‘hello’. I called my cat that word and never knew how to assignment it, however I love the word. Is it made up? thank you in advancement for any response.


Thank you my an excellent new and also even trusted natives. Ns love you males so much, poll for me–twice if you can!

No difficult feelings, right? ~ all, that was simply a tiny white lie–one that those would never hurt anyone!

Elizabeth Warren

my mother and also grand mother, she cousins,my aunts and also uncles offered to say buzhu come say hello in the ottawa language, right here in the last two decades or so, i learned another way, they say aanii.

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Large public institution district in Elizabeth, new Jersey.Would choose to have actually native american performers (dancers/singers) for an event on October 25, 2012 in Elizabeth, brand-new Jersey.

Please advise,

Charlie SmithElizabeth publicly Schools(908) 436 – 5040

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